Hi ! New gaming rig,advice please!

  timmyt79 20:06 06 Jan 2010

Hi all,new to this so please bear with me!
After my old pc has finally given in its time to buy new,planning on just upgrading mobo,processor,ram and graphics card.
What im really after is a bit of advice on which combo is the best option to run newer games,i have been looking at something like a Asus AM3 AMD 785G ATX DDR3 with AMD Athlon II X2 250 AM3 3Ghz 2Mb and something like a ATI Radeon 4670 HD 750Mhz 1GB PCI-Express 2.0 DVI...then a couple of gig of ram.
Any ideas on if this setup would be up to it?Also looked at this click here or click here

Thankyou in advance for any ideas,help,Oh and my budget is around £150 if i can!


  ame 00:33 07 Jan 2010

My 4 year old pc has an ATI Radeon 4670HD 1Gb by Palit which I bought from Novatech click here 4670 last year for my son's use. Will run Dragon Age Origins for example above the minimum requirement but not the recommended graphics kit. Depends on what games you play. 2Gb RAM seems low.

  ame 21:54 10 Jan 2010

Surprised nobody else has commented yet on your Maplin upgrade suggestions. I am not a gamer but a balanced pc is a good thing - e.g. hard drive size/spin speed need to be decent too. I note no mention of Windows 7 compatibility. XP's better anyway! Perhaps you would get more responses in Helproom - you could create a link there to your posting here.

  ame 21:56 10 Jan 2010

Watch out for power supply unit problems - suggest 500watt MINIMUM.

  timmyt79 12:56 11 Jan 2010

Thanks for your responses anyway ame!
Think i will re post this and see what comes back.there just seems so much about now that its hard to decide on the best compromise!

  OTT_Buzzard 13:47 11 Jan 2010

What games do you play?

Looking around for parts totalling £150 you're going to struggle to get a basic gaming rig together. If you can increase it to £200 then a lot more options become available.

All i'll say for now is don't get stuck up on the amount of memory that a graphics card has. The type of core graphics processor and the way it handles streams is infinitley more important. Tests have shown time and time again that anything more than 512mb graphics memory is a fundamental waste. The exception to this is if you are doing very high resolution, high FPS gaming - and on a £150 rig, that is one thing you won't be doing! Graphics card manufacturers tend to put on huge quantities of memory because it look good in the sales blurb. Don't be suckered in by it!

Also, get something that is DX10 compliant or higher - i.e. Vista & Win7 compatible. If you stick to XP level technology (DX9) then you will never get the best out of it. Win7 actually supports DX11, although DX11 graphics cards are very expensive.

  OTT_Buzzard 19:18 11 Jan 2010

Have a look at the graphics card here:

click here and also

and motherboard bundle here:

click here (scroll down to the X3 bundle for £131.34

With the eBuyer card put on 5 day delivery (free), total comes to £190.37

If you want to save money then get a cheaper processor. If you want the PC for gaming, a decent graphics card is an absolute must.

  timmyt79 09:09 12 Jan 2010

Thanks for that,im sure i could stretch to around £200,i am aware that im not going to get the lastest high spec system for that money but as long as it can cope with latest games and media processing im happy...its just the daunting array of options that is throwing me!

  ame 10:31 12 Jan 2010

That's the same graphics card I have, but by a better manufacturer (Asus) and at a good price. But is it good enough for the latest games - as I said above, is it not beginning to struggle a bit, depending on what you play - click here. for advice using your existing system to tell you what you need. This site click here may help you compare CPU's and graphics cards. (There may be similar, better sites, too.)

  OTT_Buzzard 13:59 12 Jan 2010

If you don't mind assembling the bits yourself, which is very easy to do, and can stretch to £204.30 budget, try this config:

E6300 processor (£57.56) (click here)
G31 ES2L mother board (£32.35) (click here)
2GB DDR2 800 RAM (£35) (click here)
HD4830 graphics card (£79.39) (click here)

The E6300 processor will outperform the X3 processor suggested previously and usually have a great deal of overclocking headroom for further performance gains. The ES2L is a fantastic economy motherboard with reasonable overclocking options.
The RAM is economy RAM, but don't worry about it.
The HD4830 graphics card is a couple of notches better than the previous suggestion of the HD4670.

If the push to £205 is a step too far then replacing the graphics card with HD4670 suggested previously brings the cost down to around £175.

It's a pity component prices have gone up so much recently. 18 months ago you would have likely been under £200 for this build.

  OTT_Buzzard 15:40 12 Jan 2010

Just an additional thought. Make sure you're power supply is up to the job. If it's a few years old it'll need to be a 400W PSU, minimum.
If it's much newer you may get away with 300W.

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