Hi i can't download acrobat reader or ebay toolbar

  duffymoon 11:03 14 Jan 2006

hi i am running xp home & internet explorer and tried to download the ebay toolbar the other day all went fine untill i had a message from norton saying that the application was trying to access the internet and it recommended to allow which i did then nothing further happened, i tried to download again but i was told the application was still running, i went into task manager to end the process and it would not work to close the application (although i could end others) after rebooting (took a while) and trying again i gave up and used system restore and havn't botherd again. the problem i have now is i tried to view an online pdf document whem the page froze after closing the page microsoft error reporting suggested that my reader was not up to date (adobe acrobat 7) and to remove it and download a new one i removed it but when downloading a new one i get as far as the adobe download manager (product has downloaded) and then nothing happens i reboot (again takes a few attempts) the download manager shows up in the system tray but nothing happens (it says connecting) but when i try to end process through task manager it wont end ( i can still end other processes) sorry for being long winded but im now at a loss as to what to do.
many thanks

  Forum Editor 11:11 14 Jan 2006

(except Windows updates) is to let Windows handle them and select the option to save. Save the download to a location on your hard drive and when the download has completed, go to that folder and run the installer by clicking on the icon for the download.

Try that now with the Adobe reader.

  duffymoon 11:24 14 Jan 2006

downloaded ebay toolbar to the desktop, double clicked, pressed run and now i have toolbar instalation tab in the system tray, in task manager i have toolbarsetup.exe with cpu at 00 and mem usage at 14,244 K. it shows the application running but nothing else is happening? been 5 mins, not tried to end process yet but this is as far as i got the last time i tried and left it for about 5 hours and nothing else happend?

  Skills 14:07 14 Jan 2006

Come offline and try disabling your firewall and antivirus while you run the installation and see if that gets you any further. Dont forget to re enable them again before you go back online

  duffymoon 11:57 19 Jan 2006

between my norton firewall and outlook express. i cant connect outlook express with the norton firewall on if i disconnect from the internet, turn off the norton firewall and then turn on windows firewall when i re connect to the internet it works fine. can i just use the windows firewall? ( i have norton internet security 2005)

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