Hi how do I find my IP Address

  Ex plorer 13:14 11 Mar 2006

Hi how do I find my IP Address.


  mgmcc 13:22 11 Mar 2006

Scroll down to the bottom of this page click here

  mehome 13:34 11 Mar 2006
  Devil Fish 13:37 11 Mar 2006

click start then run in the box type cmd click ok
a black box will appear the type ipconfig/all

this will show you ip adress

  mgmcc 16:13 11 Mar 2006

<<< a black box will appear the type ipconfig/all >>>

That will certainly tell you the PC's IP address. However, if the PC is connected to a Router or is an "Internet Connection Sharing" client PC, that will display the LAN IP address, not the WAN address allocated by the ISP.

...just in case the original poster's computer doesn't connect *directly* to the internet ;)

  Devil Fish 21:37 11 Mar 2006

good point

i assumed it was a direct connection but it may not be

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