Hi Guys Why so slow

  the kopite 05:01 06 Jul 2004

Hi Guys Any ideas why my puter is so slow accessing the internet the specs are elite K7VTA4 Motherboard 1600 durron 512MB PC2700 ram GF4 128MB MX440 Graphics Thanks Kopite

  Dumble452 07:28 06 Jul 2004

What sort of modem, which ISP?

  the kopite 10:19 06 Jul 2004

Sorry dumble its dial up isp aol

  broggs 10:37 06 Jul 2004

dial up aol is very slow on this site....I used it on my friends pc last week.Paint dries faster:-)

  broggs 10:41 06 Jul 2004

try loading the pages without images.this will speed it up a bit.

  spuds 10:45 06 Jul 2004

Do you have any Spyware/Adaware/Anti-virus programmes installed on you computer.If so,run them and see if they show anything.

You could try Net Medic from click here for your internet speed. Not sure if it works with 56k dial-up though.You could also run a speed check via click here

  carolineann 10:46 06 Jul 2004

No problem here with aol or dial up. Have you tried aol computer check up. Thats if you are on aol 9

  spuds 10:51 06 Jul 2004

Net Medic no longer supported by Vital Signs, try click here for download.

  the kopite 13:55 06 Jul 2004

Solved Guys I put in a stick of crucial 3200 ram changed it to optimal in the bios and its three times faster Thanks for the input guys and spuds I downloaded net mechanic to try it thanks again Guys and Girls Kopite

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