Hi guys, My relatively new lenovo z50 has stopped

  Kyle Roberts 23:53 14 Feb 2017

Hi guys, My relatively new lenovo z50 has stopped working properly, the issues started a few days ago when the laptop would randomly stop responding and would have to be turned off y holding down the power button, but it still booted. Earlier today I tried booting the laptop and Made it through to the login screen but then BSOD occurred and since I Haven't made it pas the lenovo boot screen without using f11 to get recovery options. In the recovery options I tried restoring my system but at 3% it couldn't continue and had to reset and I cant access the control panel from the recovery as t gets stuck on a plain blue screen. Any ideas on how to fix this mess would be greatly appreciated, Kyle

  Killerdroid 00:00 15 Feb 2017

Any error codes on the BSOD screen?

  Kyle Roberts 00:03 15 Feb 2017

Nope, just says windows ran into a problem, however the bluescreen I get when Initiating repair or command prompt is literally a blank blue screen no text or he stupid :( to be seen.

  Killerdroid 00:08 15 Feb 2017

Could be a RAM issue, dying HDD or the BIOS may need updating from the Lenovo site.

1) Go into your BIOS if you can and update if it allows you, or download on another machine and update. 2) Check your ram sticks by removing them and booting. You may have faulty RAM, quite common. Perhaps it may have come loose. (Happened to me) 3) Try your HDD in another machne,preferably a desktop machine.

  Kyle Roberts 00:10 15 Feb 2017

Thanks, Ill try these out and see if it fixes things. Thanks for the advice

  Killerdroid 00:11 15 Feb 2017

You're welcome and good luck.

  iscanut 12:07 15 Feb 2017

How new ? Do you have a warranty or guarantee from the supplier ?

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