Hi Folks

  iced_ms 16:43 30 Jan 2004

Can anyone help..... we have a problem with the monitor or the graphics card. Images that have been taken witht the digital camera are really pixelated. They look like negatives there is a similar problem when looking at web pages but it is no where near as bad as when looking at images.
So what do you think the monitor or the graphics card?
The monitor settings are 600 x 800 we are running windows 98 on a P3.

All help much appreciated.

  MichelleC 16:49 30 Jan 2004

Are there any yellows in device manager?

  Big Elf 16:55 30 Jan 2004

Are you taking the pictures at a high enough resolution? My camera has the option take very high quality photos or low quality ones for web use.

Also you may need to update the colour palette settings in display properties. I had the same symptoms on a laptop running at 256 colours.

  Diemmess 18:35 30 Jan 2004

Right click in Desktop blank area and choose Properties> Settings..... and make sure you are not set at the lowest level.

  DIYgirl 19:44 30 Jan 2004

I found when I got my digital camera that if I tried to save the pictures onto my hard drive by dragging and dropping them off the picture viewer, then they would end up borken into big sqaure chunks--like those little puzzles you get when a child, with plastic squares that you slide about to jumble up a picture. It would also sometimes affect the colour too. However, if I clicked file/save as, it would save perfectly with no trouble. Jsut a thought.

  iced_ms 16:28 03 Feb 2004

I knew it wasn't a problem with the settings for the images as they had initially been perfect no problem.
And the settings hadn't changed from 256 colours 600x800. So i had no idea what the problem was all i knew was one time i went down working perfectly next time visiting the everything was really pixelated. But because of more problems i had to reformat the hard drive and guess what? Everything went back to normal images ok screen display fine.
But thanks for all the suggestions :)

  Diemmess 16:45 03 Feb 2004

It is always interesting how a problem is solved. The method you used was "some hammer" but as you say you had other problems.....
Better luck this time!

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