Hi all a new security patch is now available

  NICK ADSL UK 22:04 10 Sep 2003

Hi all a new security patch is now available from the microsoft down load centre
click here

  Chegs ® 22:20 10 Sep 2003

"There are three newly identified vulnerabilities in the part of RPCSS Service that deals with RPC messages for DCOM activation"

I cured my OS of ANY more DCOM probs by d/l the DCOMBOBULATOR from GRC.com.What with his "Shoot-The-Messenger" app,and his DCOM switch,those two have saved me repeatedly as my present install has been really flaky,and on reinstalling everything I often "forget" to install firewall/AVG until after I have connected to WinUpdates,and copped the MSBLASTER virus or a load of popups.Now,DCOM being deactivated means MSBLASTER cannot gain entrance to my puter.

  madPentium 22:42 10 Sep 2003

I run xp pro and also downloaded the DCOMBOBULATOR from grc.com and I told the program to close port 135 because it told me it was open and I was very vulnerable.
This removed all my dial up settings etc and
couldnt get on the internet at all. I had to reverse the procedure and twiddle a few other knobs and it all came back.
I have been told that all normal internet connections operate through 135 and if you close it you have no internet.

  -pops- 06:45 11 Sep 2003

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