Hi 8 camcorder to PC

  kokelly60 13:10 30 Aug 2004

Hi All,
If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. I have an Sony DCR TRV208E Hi-8 camcorder which has a s-video out as well as an av connecting cable. My PC has a All-in-wonder 9800 which comes with an input adaptor with s-video, comp.video, and audio. I am trying to put my camcorder tapes onto the hard drive for editing onto DVD. When I play the camera and load up windows movie maker I can here the audio from the computer speakers but the video window is all blurred like a bad connection or out of tune. If I press start capture is actually gets nothing, sound or vision. The s-video cable is new and the av connecting cable is playing fine on TV so I'm bambozzled with what the problem is.

Any help would be appreciated. I noticed in another tread someone recommending a device called Dazzle DVC 80 which I know nothing about. Would this happily work alongside the All-in-wonder and would it be a better card or make life easier? Is their a better/different cable I could use? I also want to transfer old VHS tapes on as well but I havent tried that yet as I assume it will be harder or more akward! My video only has comp.video and left and right audio out. It doesnt have s-video.

Mind you, I'm beginning to think it would be much less hastle if I went and bought a Digital camcorder!

Thanks for your help! Much appreciated!


  stylehurst 13:46 30 Aug 2004

If you want to transfer old VHS tapes to PC/DVD you will need an analogue to digital convertor card/box.
Dazzle is one option, another that works well is Adaptec.

  kokelly60 14:39 30 Aug 2004

Thanks for your help stylehurst! However I'm not sure I understand you, or at least I'm not clear! Are you saying that the card I already have isn't suitable or is not the easiest to use, or perhaps that it is ok but the ones you recommend would make life a lot easier? Do you know if I can use either while I have the other card installed?

Sorry but this is not an area that I am good at!

  961 14:50 30 Aug 2004

Forgive me, but does your camcorder not have a dv-out socket, usually on the front of the camera at the bottom left?

This will accept a firewire IEEE1394 cable (known as I-Link in Sony speak) and can be connected directly to your computer. You may need a firewire card to go into a vacant slot on the computer (about £20 from Novatech).

This will take the output direct to the computer.

The code no of your camcorder is of a series that normally does have this facility

  kokelly60 15:22 30 Aug 2004

Hi 961....sorry the came is a CCD TRV208E rather than the DCR I had before it! Your correct in what you say but I put down the wrong code!

  961 18:03 30 Aug 2004

That's a pity.

'specially since I know nix about analogue video signals except that I bet it's the settings of the video card that need changing or the type of code that windows movie maker will accept

Someone else will know

  Keithrow 20:00 30 Aug 2004

I don't know much about this except for the efforts I have made to do a similar thing with an analogue Sony camcorder and an AIW 9000 graphics card.
My advice would be to check that your 'camera settings' are set to PAL and not as the default NTSC, that's in Windows Movie Maker. I'm not sure which of the PAL settings to use but trial and error would be my method.
Hope this helps.

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