Hi-8 Camcorder computer connection

  kokelly60 16:23 07 Nov 2003

Hi everyone,
I have ordered a Systemax computer and the graphics card in it is a ATI All-In-Wonder 9800SE which seems to have all sorts of connections on it. Does anyone know can I connect a Sony Hi-8 camcorder to this so that I can put my HI-8 recordings onto the DVD writer or indeed if not how I might be able?
The Hi-8 Camcorder outputs via a lead with a yellow conection and two other colour ones and these plug into a Scart for playing on TV but I dont think it has I-Link or anything like that.

Many thanks for your help!

  jonnytub 16:34 07 Nov 2003

the yellow lead that comes out is your dvi digital video out lead, you can buy another lead for a few quid with the same end on and your all in wonder will have a dvi input, just look for a cable with both ends the same or you could alternativey buy a converter whereby you can convert the "two other one's" into one dv output. it will probably be cheaper to buy the cable than the converter.

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