Hewlett Packard Pocket Drive

  Chas49 22:46 02 Jul 2008

My HP Computer is fitted with one of these pocket drives. As it an 80 gig hard drive you can copy large quantities of data from it to another Vista Computer. I have tried it on an XP machine and it is shown as an unknown device - a driver appears to be needed. On a Vista laptop it is recognised immediately and works perfectly.

Is any owner of an HP machine and drive aware of which driver is required to make it work on the XP machine?

  Quiet Life 11:33 04 Jul 2008

woodchip. I do not know if chas49 has actually read or done the suggestions.
However The Media Drive is a mass storage device and uses the driver contained in Windows XP. The driver is in C/WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\USBSTOR.SYS
It is 512600.2180(XP Sp 2 rtm) and is 25.8kb.
If this file is not there or is corrupt that may be the problem. If it is there copy and paste it to a folder on the desktop and then reinstall the Media Drive pointing it to that folder for the driver. The driver is not separate on an XP disc but part of a larger NTDLL.DLL with the same reference 512600.2180

  Quiet Life 11:57 04 Jul 2008

Chas49 Your postings not there when I was doing mine.
I also have an Iomega Screen Play hardrive which has USB for connecting to the computer and composite ,scart and HDMI for connecting to the TV. It has software for playing and editing files and folders and appears under discs although connected to the USB. The Main Driver reference is MS 5.12535.0 dated 1.07.01 It has four drivers the first of which is the same as the USBSTOR.SYS used by the media Drive.
Will be interested to learn of the solution.

  Chas49 13:32 04 Jul 2008

Quiet Life:

First, thanks for your input.

When I connect the pocket drive to the XP Machine
I get a popup from the taskbar - stating that the drive is unrecognized, clicking on that brings up a box in which there is shown an highlighted item 'Unidentified device'(or words to that effect) - clicking on on that brings up yet another box, this time with two tabs, clicking on the second (Drivers) tab allows a search for your driver. This, when used, shows no suitable driver. I assume therefore that the machine does not have a driver installed. Yet, when you use a flash drive all is Ok.

I have to locate and install a suitable driver and, for starters, I will download another copy of NTDLL.DLL and see what that yields. No joy from that then I'll contact HP.

  woodchip 13:36 04 Jul 2008

Go to Start\Run type in the Box

SFC /SCANNOW press enter it should look for corrupt system files

  Chas49 14:43 04 Jul 2008

I've just that Woodchip and it just asked for the windows Xp Installation disk - I only have a restore disk as supplied by Evesham 4 years ago - not that this mattered as SFC didn't want to know this restore disk! Not only that but I had to switch the machine off to escape the loop that SFC put me into (repeatedly asking if I wished to retry, skip or cancel) Yuk!!

When I finish what I am doing on my Vista machine then I'll go down the HP route.

Meanwhile I really appreciate your efforts on my behalf. Thanks

  woodchip 15:48 04 Jul 2008

Check to see if you have a I386 folder in the Windows folder on your computer, you could try pointing it to this, or try with the files from the folder on a CD

  Chas49 20:17 04 Jul 2008

Woodchip, Quiet life and Marv:

I did contact HP by email and received a reply within 2 hours. As a result of this I have succeeded in getting the XP machine to recognize the Pocket Drive.

Have you ever felt a real dunderhead? The answer to the problem was so simple! Simply try another USB socket! It had been connected to a 4 port USB Hub - clearly, as this is a 1.1 hub it couldn't provide the power to run it. Shifting it to a USB port actually on the machine solved the problem. Naturally, I'm pleased that it is working but not at all pleased at feeling an idiot!

Many thanks to the three of you and to hP for their prompt and helful answer.

  Chas49 20:19 04 Jul 2008

Helful? -> helpful. I really must get out more <g>

  woodchip 10:28 05 Jul 2008

I also have found HP to be good on Support and fast. They do as it says on the Tin

  Chas49 14:01 05 Jul 2008

Their service (and yours) did lift me out of my Victor Meldrew mood <G>

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