Hewlett Packard Pocket Drive

  Chas49 22:46 02 Jul 2008

My HP Computer is fitted with one of these pocket drives. As it an 80 gig hard drive you can copy large quantities of data from it to another Vista Computer. I have tried it on an XP machine and it is shown as an unknown device - a driver appears to be needed. On a Vista laptop it is recognised immediately and works perfectly.

Is any owner of an HP machine and drive aware of which driver is required to make it work on the XP machine?

  MarvintheAndroid 23:03 02 Jul 2008

Does this help ?

click here


  woodchip 23:05 02 Jul 2008

If its a USB then XP should see the Drive

  woodchip 23:05 02 Jul 2008

Does the Drive show in My Computer or Windows Explorer?

  Chas49 23:28 02 Jul 2008

Marv: Thanks - that link mentions loading drivers and software etc from the disk - I never had a disk!


Yes the drive shows up in explorer but doesn't react to my attempt to open it - a box slides up to tell me that the drive is unrecognsied. Device manager (?) tells me that an unknown device is attached. None of the drivers installed already on the computer will be selected upon clicking that device - it needs a CD or a location on the HD to fetch it from.

  woodchip 16:20 03 Jul 2008

Read this it may help. click here

  Quiet Life 17:32 03 Jul 2008

The Media drive is just a harddrive connected through a USB port in the compartment. XP should automatically detect and instal it.
Any software would only be backup or similar and is not necessary. Mine just worked when inserted.
No doubt you have pulled it out and put it back in several times. How does it respond if connected through a USB cable and power supply?

  Chas49 21:27 03 Jul 2008

Woodchip and Quiet Life:

The XP computer recognizes the Pocket drive but then refuses to react to mouse clicks etc. Ran troubleshoot and one window stated that there was no driver installed. As I haven't got such a driver I will have to contact HP to see if they can supply a driver for the XP computer. The Vista computers have no trouble - presumably said driver is a part of vista whereas it is not with XP.

Thanks for your help - I'll post, eventually, to tell of my success (or not as the case may be). Fortunately for me the XP computer is used only by someone for the purpose of conversing via MSN Messenger and I only want to copy my large collection of photos to it for safe keeping. For now I'll burn them to DVD.

  woodchip 21:46 03 Jul 2008

Have you read my link?

  Chas49 11:08 04 Jul 2008

Indeed I did read it Woodchip but the XP machine does not have the software installed.

Your link quotes

'To install HP Pocket Media Drive drivers and software:
NOTE: Only install the applications that are compatible with your language and your computer operating system.

Click Start , click Computer , and then double-click the HP Pocket Media Drive icon.
Open the PMD folder'

The HP Slimline has it's operating system in a hidden partition on the machine and the first thing you had top do was install the OS, an easy procedure, then make a set of Recovery Disks - this was carried out. I have just reattached the HP Drive to the Xp Machine - the Removable drive appears in Explorer and the HP Drive's led is flashing away - clearly the machine is trying to access the device over and over again - the 'box' appeared stating that the device is not recognized. Now I am about to 'read' those recovery disks to see if there is a PMD directory - if there is then perhaps I could copy that to the XP machine.

Thanks again for your continued interest.

  Chas49 11:27 04 Jul 2008

There was no sign of a PMD directory and it's obvious, from the layout that folders and files are so arranged for 'automatic'access by the setup files. Folders and files appear in different folders but with the same name, such as Apps and Dta and the like.

So it would appear that, in order for the XP machine to access the drive then I shall have to 'bite the bullet' and approach Hewlett Packard. Fortunately, the matter is not crucial so time is not of the essence!

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