He's killed it!!

  Skulkin 14:33 05 Feb 2003

Hi all

Can any of you kind people help a complete novice?

I lent an old pc to my brother.

A friend of his tried to speed it up for him!!

He says that this friend 'may have changed some settings'.

Now it doesnt work at all.

At start up (or where it should be) it says:-

[200453]Configuration Error
There is an incorrect value in the Configuration storage.

at the bottom of the screen it says Press Esc to continue.

On pressing Esc it then says:-

[200458]Configuration Error
Unknown hard drive type.Assign in Configuration Utility.

Escape then brings up:-

Monitor Program

1. System Information
2. Security
3. Boot Command
4. Diagnostics Tests
5. Debugger
6. BIOS Update

ESC Exits

Is there any easy (ish) solution?

Please unravel this gobbledegook for me.

Or should I throw it out of the window?

Thanx in advance


  Ben Avery (Work) 14:39 05 Feb 2003

click here

May need more "bumps" folks!


  ©®@$ђ 14:47 05 Feb 2003

ask your brothers friend what he has done,where did he do his tinkering, in the bios, in windows or inside the case, ask him that question and post back with the answer, it will be easier for us to pin point the problem, but basically the error is pointing to the hardrive, so maybe that needs to be detected in the bios.which is where it gives you the oiptions.

Monitor Program

1. System Information 2. Security 3. Boot Command 4. Diagnostics Tests 5. Debugger 6. BIOS Update

ESC Exits

i would start by looking in Boot Command , make sure that the hardrive is detected and is one of the boot devices

then save and reboot

do you know which version of windows you have got on that machine

  MalcSP 14:54 05 Feb 2003

I clicked on it.
I think that we need to know more about the set-up Skulkin has. I suspect someone has been into the BIOS.
When powering up tap the delete key. The BIOS screens will be displayed.
Load the default values. This is a single step. save and exit. see if the system gets further. Get back to us with the result.

  ©®@$ђ 14:56 05 Feb 2003

200453 or 200459

- Configuration Error,This message is normal after backup battery replacement.


1. Use the Setup program to reconfigure.

2. Replace backup battery.

3. Replace system board.

200458 - Configuration Error


1. Use Setup program to reconfigure.

2. Make sure the drive is bootable.

3. Replace hard drive.

4. Replace system board.

  Skulkin 15:00 05 Feb 2003

Hi again

Thanx for the speed of your replies

Ben Avery
Sorry about the title as I said I am unsure whats occurred so unsure what SPECIFICALLY is the problem so didnt know what to title it.

My brother said he's not sure what his friend did & can't get hold of him for a while (typical!!) so I can't be sure where he did his tinkering.

It definitely wasn't in the case though & he thinks it was in windows.

The pc has two small hard drives (they were C:\ & D:\ ) It has Windows 98 & Word & a few documents on C:\ but nothing at all important

As for Boot Command how would I "make sure that the hardrive is detected and is one of the boot devices"??

In boot Command it says:-

1. Floppy Drive
2. Hard Drive

Enter Drive Number(0-3):
and/or Partition Number:

What should I input??

Thanks for your help


  Ben Avery (Work) 15:03 05 Feb 2003

The Forum Editor has put it there for a reason. Lets assume you (or someone else) fixes the problem for him. In a weeks time someone else jhas the same problem and needs a solution.

Do you honestly think that when that person runs a search for a solution he's going to think "Gee, I think I'll just type in "He's killed it!!" and see if THAT answers my query?

I don't think so.

What's wrong with "Boot up Problems" or "Windows wont start" or something like that?

Or am I just being petty...

  MalcSP 15:11 05 Feb 2003

Sorry, I was being flippant. I agree with you both. Its just that I clicked to see what advice he had already been given on the problem and was returned to a site I had read through already today.

  Skulkin 15:11 05 Feb 2003

Me again

Tried holding down delete & starting it & tapping it while starting the pc but it still says:-

[200453]Configuration Error
There is an incorrect value in the Configuration storage with Press Esc to continue at the bottom of the screen

I don't seem to get the opportunity to load any default values.

Is it time to see if it flies??



  ©®@$ђ 15:15 05 Feb 2003

where it says drive number what is it set to>?

try entering 2

to make sure the drives are detected highlight hardrive and press enter, see if it brings some more options up, and look for auto detect or something similar

  Djohn 15:19 05 Feb 2003

Skulkin's title, is an understandable reaction to his problem! But yes I do agree with you,*Ben Avery (Work)* in the sense that it does not help the search facilities we have in the forum.

This is a major problem for Skulkin, and I feel sure many others may have the same happen to them at some time.

The answers given here by experienced people will solve this, and it will be very useful if in the future others are able to search for and find the answer. Best regards to all, and I'm sure Skulkin's PC. will soon be fixed. J.

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