Here's the challenge....

  goll_y 18:28 30 Jun 2005

In the aim to get a free text alert every time I receive an email I have signed up with Orange that offers this facility.

I'm now forwarding my yahoo emails to orange (to receive the alert) and then downloading them from orange (through POP3) into Microsoft Outlook at home.

The only problem is that I cannot send an email using my yahoo address from Microsoft Outlook since yahoo won't allow both email forwarding and POP3.

If anyone understands this, can anyone think of a way around this i.e. send an email from Outlook with my yahoo email address?


  Rigga 18:58 30 Jun 2005

I think I understand, You wish to send an email from outlook, and have the from address say [email protected].

If this is so, then y can;t you just change the email address in outlook to say [email protected].

I have mine set to [email protected], even though my isp email address is [email protected].

And when people get my emails, or reply to them it always goes to the [email protected].

Did I understand, or am I talking gibberish as usual.


  goll_y 19:04 30 Jun 2005

Sort of Rigga -

I basically want to send an email from [email protected] from Outlook (or at least when people click reply it goes to [email protected])

At the moment it won't do that because the POP3 settings don't work because yahoo won't let you do both POP3 and forwarding ie. to [email protected]

Am I yet making sense?

  goll_y 19:06 30 Jun 2005

Can I actually send an email from [email protected] in Outlook but for the receiver to see [email protected] and when they click reply for it to go to [email protected]

  octal 19:19 30 Jun 2005

You can use pop3 with you can't with Just use and use you ISP's default smtp to send emails click here

  goll_y 19:22 30 Jun 2005

Thanks for that, but I can't use both pop3 and forwarding on yahoo.

At the moment it is set up for forwarding meaning I can't download emails or send emails from yahoo address even though I want to.

  octal 19:31 30 Jun 2005


  Rigga 21:26 30 Jun 2005

goll_y who's your ISP?

and do they provide an SMTP server to send mail?
If so configure your outlook to use their outgoing SMTP server, but put your yahoo mail address in the "Email Address" part of the configuration.

You ask "Can I actually send an email from [email protected] in Outlook but for the receiver to see [email protected]", erm... yes you should just be able to change the "Email Address" part of the configuration to whatever you wish, that will then be your reply address.

Same as I said above, I have my own domain, but there are no servers there to receive email. So I use my ISP's servers to send and receive mail, but everyone who receives my mail thinks it comes from [email protected].

Then I have email forwarding from my domain, back to my ISP email address. That way I can change ISP but never change email address.


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