here is some modem advice

  Bailey08787 12:48 06 Jun 2003

i've recently had some troubles with my pc, which meant i had to get a new hard drive, and do a fresh boot, and subsequently get hold of a load of new drivers for all the cards - one of which was the modem.

For the past 5 months, I've been living in a flat, where I was under the impression I had some old BT line, incapable of sending much data - and hence only receiving 28.8kps connections.

I was using the drivers specially designed for this particular modem, from the manufacturers website.

Anyway, I had installed these a while ago, and now couldn't remember the name of the modem maker - and inspection of the card itself just gave me a few serial numbers.

I popped these into google, and none of the links reminded me of the original maker - so i downloaded some from intel (without much optimism of them working - or at least not very well - as I thought they would just be very basic general drivers.

I was also dreading getting these installed, as previous experiences of getting the modem drivers installed in xp have been a nightmare.

But amazingly, they installed first time, without a hitch (by going to the device manager, modem, properties, update driver - not letting xp search, selecting the location of said drivers myself, and completing process).

And then to add to my amazement, I'm now connecting at around 44kps.

So if you've got a crappy connection, try something different from the apparent, specially-tailored drivers for your modem

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