HELP?slow computer: new 1 GB RAM not improved

  weezul 10:53 18 Feb 2007

My computer is infuriatingly slow, opening programs, saving files, web navigation and basically everything is slower than it used to be. Main issues are on line though.
Don’t do any gaming; mainly use the computer for surfing, word processing, ebay and digital photography. I have the following system
CPU: Celeron 2.6 GHz
Hard Drive: NTFS not partitioned, 19.7 GB used, 54.8 GB free space
OS: XP with service pack 2 and I have downloaded all the latest updates

Originally had just 256 MB RAM, thinking all my sluggish problems were due to this I splashed out on 1 GB, low density RAM. Fitting it has had no effect.
I’ve used CCleaner to spring clean everything including the “Issues” bit (cleaning the registry?)
I’ve run ‘msconfig’ and unchecked all start up programs I think I don’t need. I’ve run a manual virus scan (Sophos antivirus) with no virus’ found
Am I missing something really simple?

  mike1967 12:02 18 Feb 2007

Is it really slow to boot up

  stylehurst 13:55 18 Feb 2007

You say you have used CCleaner, but I have found that you need more than one registry cleaner to sort things out. Also there are distinct advantages in periodically compacting the Registry & also defragmenting your HDD with something better than the program supplied by MS.
I would suggest the following free items:

Advanced Windows Care from Iobit- system cleaner
NTRegopt - Registry Optimiser
Defrag program from Iobit - a beta but very stable

Erunt is also worth having to make Registry Back ups

  Aargh 16:11 18 Feb 2007

See the attached previous post, and follow the links to the free software -

click here

Advanced Windows Care, Startup Inspector & CCleaner do the trick for me.

You also don't mention the following:

Your line speed and ISP - if you are on a low speed connection and with a poor ISP, you will get slow results from websites. Some ISP's are definitely better than others.

It may depend on where you live. If your phone line is poor and your exchange is a busy one, your connection speeds will suffer.

Finally, your AV/Firewall - is it set to tight on browsing so it challenges & checks everything you do online.

Memory will only be an issue if you are running lots of processes at once.

  Totally-braindead 18:01 18 Feb 2007

Is the new RAM being found and recognised?

  LastChip 19:15 18 Feb 2007

Are you using Symantec (Norton) security suit?

If you are it's likely to be the cause?

  chub_tor 19:19 18 Feb 2007

You may be suffering from high CPU useage, try disabling Windows Automatic Update click here and click here

  weezul 20:07 18 Feb 2007

Thanks for all the tips.
I will trawl through and see if anything helps
to answer questions:

It's not ultra slow to boot up but is deffinately slower than it used to be

I'm using Sophos antivirus

RAM: I still have the old 256 MB memory module and just put the new 1 GB module in next to it.
my computer properties now says i have 1.23 GB as opposed to ~240 MB before I bought the upgrade so it appears to recognise it.

Task manager says I'm running 38 processes,

I'm no cable broadband on NTL (now virgin media) not sure of the speed thought will have to check.

  STREETWORK 20:38 18 Feb 2007

Try it with the 256 removed and see if this makes a difference.

What graphics card are you using?

  weezul 10:44 19 Feb 2007

Hi, not sure, how do i check the graphics card? thanks

  wee eddie 10:59 19 Feb 2007

You have "on-board" graphics using 16MB of RAM.

The old RAM may be slower than the new. If that is the case all will run at the speed of the slowest. It might be worthwhile trying the PC without the 256MB stick.

If you have some cash to spare, a Graphics Card may be the next purchase. From what you say about your PC use a card at £50 to £70 should make the world of difference.

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