Helproom "Search" function problem, FE?

  Tj_El 00:18 04 Sep 2005


Following the demise of "View your postings", I noticed that when I attempt to search (using my username) for any threads I have raised or commented on using the 'Search' function on the left hand side of the screen, it completes in the blink of an eye but only reports 1 solitary hit. That one hit is a bit of a dodgy posting which I don't recall posting...

Anyway, when I use the 'Search' field at the top right hand of the screen, it takes longer and I get more hits (10 at last count). Having visited this site a fair few times I know this list is by no means complete.


1. Why the difference between the two search engines behind these fields?

2. Why is the resulting list incomplete?

3. Where can I get the complete listing?

I was looking to compile (as suggested in another thread) a spreadsheet containing the hyperlinks to these threads.

Many thanks.


  Tj_El 00:28 04 Sep 2005

I figured it out... (red-faced - again!!)

The one solitary hit is actually the link to all postings I have commented in!!! The button "My Postings" did not really stand out so I paid it no heed before but now...

Oh well... thanks.

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