Andy-2004 20:01 03 Jan 2004

does any one know how to link up a ps2 network adapter to the internet via a lan internet connection. and the ps2 website goes through it step by step but i can't make it work for me either.

  vinnyo123 23:38 03 Jan 2004

tell how your LAN is hooked up (topology) ia it a ICS or are you using a router .Anyways your ps2 needs an local ip address of a class c 192.168.x.x
and you need to give the address of the gateway(other pc ics or router)and adress of your isp's DNS servers.And when you trying to make a new account keep trying different log in names it will not tell you if it is already being used it'll just say cannot log on...any more ???? questions just post got some good advisors in here.

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