Help...PC keeps freezing up!

  Anniemol 10:51 24 May 2004

I put my PC on last night and for some unknown reason my PC keeps freezing up! It works OK for a start and I have mangaed to do a few emails etc....but then the screen and mouse freeze. I have downloaded the latest updates with both Norton Anti-virus (done a complete scan of my system...nothing showed up!) and it's also up to date with Microsoft...
I have used 'System Restore' and taken it back a few days but still the problem persists...
Is there a virus out there that I'm not aware of? I'd appreciate any help!

  recap 11:28 24 May 2004

If you have up-dated your virus software then it may not be a virus.

If you have installed new software and the freezing started after the install, then it may be the new software that is causing the problem?

  johnnyrocker 11:30 24 May 2004

i would think that would have been resolved with sys restore?? what antispyware/trojan software do you have (if any)?


  Anniemol 11:38 24 May 2004

I haven't any antispyware/trojan software, but I do have a Actiontec DSL Router with a built in Firewall....i had to unistall my Norton Firewall as it won't work alonside the router, I have been assured by Actiontec that this is all I need....
Since my first message my PC has finally un-frooze it's seems to do this from time to time but it works slower than normal. It's a newish PC and it doesn't have that much loaded on as I have only had time to put the 'priority' software on...
It's OS is XP Pro........

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