"Helpline" System/HD Problem.

  Biman 16:41 28 Mar 2005

I took off the hard disk from my PC system and replace with an equivalent new 40G HD and it wouldn't respond after installation.

Please can someone lend a hand I've been struggling with this problem quite a long time and success.



  Diemmess 17:15 28 Mar 2005

Do you mean that you were able to install a system on the "new" HD but it doesn't run?

Did it seem to install, or was the HD simply not recognised?

If it is new, it will almost certainly need formatting before you can install an operating system or even store data on it

  Biman 17:31 28 Mar 2005

after installing the hdd, the system refused to boot up. but before this the system was working fine with the previous hdd.


  Diemmess 17:54 28 Mar 2005

Sorry to persist, but what did you install? Was it Windows-(version?) and did Windows(?)actually run before you shut down?

  Biman 19:48 28 Mar 2005

I shut Windows down, took the controller cable off the hard disk drive and replaced it with a brand new one (HDD) and the system refuse to boot-up.

  Diemmess 20:16 28 Mar 2005

You shut windows down........ and then swopped Hard Drives. ..... When the new hard drive was in place and you switched on - the computer didn't come alive?

If I read you correctly, then you were hoping to install windows on the new HD. If so, nothing happened because the computer would look for the current HD and would not even be able to recognise it until it has been formatted, and would show an error message on a black screen something like - "Not a valid disk" or "Boot drive failure."

You should have a startup or setup floppy which you can put in before switching on. The system should boot as far as A:>

If I am right so far, please post back for instructions on formatting a new HD, or search the net for sites that describe how to do this. It is also important to know which version of Windows you want to install

  Wuggy 20:46 28 Mar 2005

Check your jumper settings first. Your new drive should be set to master. If you have the original HDD you removed why not reinstall it in your PC and use a disk cloning program (Acronis, Norton Ghost etc.)to copy your old drive to the new one, then remove old drive with new and hopefully all will be well.

  woodchip 20:57 28 Mar 2005

It will not boot without a Operating System installed only to BIOS so you can configure the drive to do the above. Then you have to create a partition and format the drive, if you do not have a Windows CD XP full disc to install the OS. then you need one ore if you have Win98 or WinME come back for more instructions

  Biman 21:34 29 Mar 2005

jumper is set to master as always. switched on but unable to get to BIOS is just a black screen nothing is showing up blank. Else i forget i did changed the heatsink/cooler for a new one as well.


  Diemmess 09:08 30 Mar 2005

In your last post you say..... "unable to get to BIOS is just a black screen nothing is showing up blank"...............Also you say you have changed the "heatsink/cooler".

You may have unseated the CPU, because if you don't see anything on the screen at all after switching on, then the problem is much more fundamental than a new HD.

  Diemmess 09:18 30 Mar 2005

If you check that you haven't loosened any cable or connection or a card, could you post back saying exactly what lights, fans, and sounds and beeps you have after you switch on.......... Please also say if the video is integrated or on a separate card.

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