Help,last built PC 4 years ago ,advice required

  oxfo 00:14 28 Dec 2007

Hi, I’m thinking of building myself a new PC as the P4 3.2Gig Prescott I have at the moment is getting rather hot and noisy if I am on Photoshop with a lot of images open etc or playing games such as Rome Total War , Age of Empires (Asian Dynasties) in fact Unreal Tournament 3 that I was given for Christmas plays with awful graphics (GPU is an Nvidia GeForce x5900xt which doesn’t help) and the CPU temp can get as high as 64 degrees sometimes.So seeing as its about 3 to 4 years since I last built one and knowing the technology has changed a lot can anyone offer advice on what to get with a budget of about £500 - £600 not including a monitor/keyboard/mouse/speakers, thanks in advance

  Totally-braindead 00:37 28 Dec 2007

If it still does the job and all you are complaining about is it getting a bit hot then give it a good clean out, replace some of the fans, perhaps they are not working as well as they used to.
See you're on about a game, since its AGP you have anything you did buy in the way of graphics would be unusable in your next PC so I'd look at something like this click here its the minimum graphics card I would be looking for or click here

  oxfo 23:24 28 Dec 2007

Thanks TB, I have spent most of this afternoon getting my wife used to the idea that I need to spend some cash on a new build and talking my son into going half with me.I will probably go for a Intel core2 duo 6750/ nvidia 7800gt pci-e /Mobo not decided / 2gig memory / 300-400 HD. I have Win XP Home but presume I will not be able to get it to activate on a completely new build so should I go for Vista?On some of the UT3 forums people seem to suggest that Vista slows down game performance,can this be true if so I will have to get another copy of XP.Also my knowledge of Hard drives is somewhat lacking - SATA,IDE or SCSI? All help gratefully received.

  woodchip 23:29 28 Dec 2007

You are better if you can buy a XP cd, have a look on Google. Vista is not good if you have old hardware like printers or scanners etc. And some software will not work

  cream. 23:32 28 Dec 2007

If the motherboard supports SATA11, then try and get a SATA 11 hard drive with a 72000rpm and 16Mb of cache. This will give you better performance over an IDE drive.

2Gig of memory is fine, if you are using dual channel. If the motherboard has 4 ram slots and dual channel, take it to 3Gb max. i.e. 2X 1gb + 2X 512Mb.

Vista or XP is a toss up. New technology and direct X 10 for Vista. Stable and playing games smoothly for XP. PS Stable means running all the old peripherals without trying to get Vista drivers for them.


how long ago did you build a system:-))

  oxfo 23:50 28 Dec 2007

Thanks all.PV as I said 4 years ago.My local supplier is Microdirect in Manchester and they dont have a 7800 GPU but I have seen someone recommend an ATI x1950xt - £81 at Microdirect.Ihave been an Nvidia man for years but if it works and its cheaper I am willing to switch.Anyone know about this card?

  oxfo 23:53 28 Dec 2007

P.S. PV whats SATA eleven? It really has been a long time!

  cream. 00:02 29 Dec 2007

It's SATA2 or SATA300.

It has a theoretical transfer rate of 300Mbps against 133Mbps for an IDE hard drive.

Here is a chart that will show you the performance of SATA drive against IDE ones. Use the drop down box to change the here

Micro direct are a good firm, I have been using them for years:(

  cream. 00:09 29 Dec 2007

£42.88 for a click here(11009)Western-Digital-250GB-Caviar-SE16-SATA-II.aspx

£63 for a 500Gb click here(16566)Western-Digital-500GB-Caviar-SE16-SATA-II.aspx

Thats a lot of space for a little money.;)

  cream. 00:14 29 Dec 2007

those links didn't work so

the 250Gb drive click here

the 500Gb drive click here

  oxfo 00:20 29 Dec 2007

Cheers our kid, got to get to MD in the morning and have a nosey.Many thanks again.

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