HELP!!HTC Desire not connecting to home WIFI

  julius44 09:12 21 Nov 2010

Hello and good morning to u all, i'm hoping to get a quick solution to my problem please. I have just got an HTC desire, its a great phone but its REFUSING to connect to my home wi-fi network. I have a Belkin wireless N router, and my ISP is virgin. I have my ps3 connecting wirelessly as well, with no problems whatsoever....i'm playing a game online as we speak.

Heres, what happens: when i go to settings on my fone, then wireless & networks, wifi-settings, the fone can see my router, but when i clik on connect....nothing happens....under my router name it says: Remembered, secured with WPA/WPA2PSK, and under wi-fi it just says connecting......
My fone sees various other peoples routers and they are all security enabled, so i'm wondering what the problem is.....ive gone into my router settings and everything is fine, when i rang Belkin they said that i don't need to add the fones address manually(the fone DOES have a mac address under advanced settings)
any suggestions please???

  Nontek 09:37 21 Nov 2010

I have the HTC WildFire, and the same problem as you until, I downloaded the latest wifi drivers using the phone itself - not through the PC. It then connected effortlessly to HTC Sync on the PC.

I prefer the WildFire, it has longer talk and standby time!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:38 21 Nov 2010

"i don't need to add the fones address manually(the fone DOES have a mac address under advanced settings)"

You will if MAC filtering is enabled in the router.

Is there somewhere in the phone to enter the WPA security key?

  Nontek 09:39 21 Nov 2010

PS - I am assuming that you have already installed HTC Sync onto PC.

  nob14 09:42 21 Nov 2010

If it were me Id turn off the security on the router and try, if that connects you know its a security setting on the phone, some things dont connect to WPA2PSK try just WEP if it connects without security.

  julius44 10:40 21 Nov 2010

Hello Nontek, thanks for your reply....But u have confused me even more now..u mentioned that u had to download the latest wi-fi drivers for your fone. But i thot all this is pre-installed with the fone...and that i don't have to download anything more for the fone to connect to a home network.

And u also mention installing HTC sync, but do i really need this to connect to my home wi-fi as well?? I assumed that HTC sync isn't really needed for the fone, all my music is already on the SD card, and if i wanna get more stuff, i just attach my fone with the usb cable, and drag and drop suff onto my fone from my pc. So do i really need htc sync??

Fruitbat....whem my ps3 was connecting it just scanned my wireless settings, found my router name and just asked for the key, and it connected automatically, it didn't ask for my routers mac address..... so i'm still baffled.

  julius44 10:42 21 Nov 2010

Also fruitbat, the mac address filtering box is NOT ticked, so it isn't enabled

  sunnystaines 14:42 21 Nov 2010

recently changed to a Belkin wireless N router.

had similar problem had to delete my network from the list it detected then when it found it again i was asked to enter the network password and it has been ok since.

  bremner 14:52 21 Nov 2010

You say

"the fone can see my router, but when i clik on connect....nothing happens"

When you click on your router if it is secured you should then get the screen where you put in the security key. Then you press connect.

  julius44 16:40 21 Nov 2010

okay this is what I do...when my router name shows on my fone,.
1.I click on FORGET, to remove my router from the network....which is ok,

2. Then my router name shows on the fone screen along with around 6 other wi-fi routers...i guess for my neighbours...they are ALL secured with WPA/WPA2 PSK.

3. I then click on my own router name, and it asks for my wireless password, I then input the CORRECT WIRELESS PASSWORD(the exact same password for my ps3 that is connected wirelessly with no problems for 2 years)
.....I then input the correct password, and hit the connect button, but it still wont say CONNECTED!!!
under the name of my router it says:
Remembered, secured with WPA/WPA2 PSK........then the wi-fi button is still ticked but it says: SCANNING.
These exact steps happen all the time, it never says connected which it should.
Any more suggestions please??

  sunnystaines 16:52 21 Nov 2010

does the phone network have a free helpline?

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