HELP....desperately needed, lost operating system?

  Tamzin 15:00 29 Oct 2004

Hi all
A week or so ago i posted a thread about my cd-rw and dvd drive disapearing.
Since then i have tried to do a factory restore and failed, so i thought i'd do the FDISK....delete the partitions and then start from scratch in the hope that my cd/dvd drives would be found.

The problem is i have a windowsME bootdisk but it's completely lost the operating system. cd-rw and dvd drives wont work to put the restore disc in?
It comes up with:
Device driver not found:'MSCD001'

When i look in the BIOS it comes up with:
oakcdrom.sys/D:mscd001 &

have i lost my operating system for good as well as my disc drives.


  Noelg23 15:06 29 Oct 2004

so i thought i'd do the FDISK....delete the partitions

I think you will find that answers your lost operating system question mate...where did you get the PC from and do you have the Windows ME CD at all? the boot disk should work tho...

  Gongoozler 15:07 29 Oct 2004

Hi Tamzin. To start right back at the beginning:

What is your computer and motherboard?

The data you've given about BIOS doesn't sound right. When you boot up the initial black and white screen should have something like "Press Del to enter setup". If you follow that and look in the first screen there should be a "General" or similar heading. Select that and see if all your drives have been detected there. Report back and we'll see if we can go a step forward.

  Tamzin 15:12 29 Oct 2004

pc from pc-world...NO (ME) disc only stupid restore disc!

In the BIOS the boot order only comes up with A-diskette drive first, then D-drive cd/dvd drive?

  Confab 15:13 29 Oct 2004

Sometimes the operating system is held on a separate partition on your HD. If you have deleted this and you don't have original OS on CD you'll need to contact the manufacturer of your pc to see if they can help or go out and buy a new OS.

Somrthime the OS is also on the restore disk.


  Confab 15:14 29 Oct 2004

Somrthime = Sometimes

  Tamzin 15:18 29 Oct 2004

contacted Compaq helpline and they told me that my cd-rw was at fault, but that was before i did the FDISK....probably made things 10-times worse as i'm not all that good with computers.

  Gongoozler 15:26 29 Oct 2004

Your motherboard shoulod detect your cd/dvd drive regardless of what is on the hard drive. If the FIRST page of your BIOS screen doesn't detect it on whichever IDE cable it is fitted, then there is a problem in the motherboard, the cable or the drive. If it is fitted on the secondary IDE cable, set it to slave and fit it to the primary cable as slave to the hard drive. If it isn't detected there I think it is conclusive that the drive is faulty.

You keep referring to your hard drive as the D drive. This is unusual, the operating system is generally on the C drive, which is the first available letter after the two letters reserved for floppy drives.

  Tamzin 15:28 29 Oct 2004

Hi Gongoozler......I've got a Compaq Presario Desktop.....and i think the motherboard is a AMD Duron but not sure as i'm not in front of it now?

  Tamzin 15:56 29 Oct 2004

it's a compaq presario desktop...model 5013uk...i've just looked on compaq/hp website to find motherboard info....but my friends computer is too slow to find any details.

it's no good me buying an OS disc as i can't get it in the drive.

  Gongoozler 16:05 29 Oct 2004

Tanzin, when you get back to your computer, try the change I suggested. If that proves you cd drive is faulty, look here for the prices of a replacement click here or click here

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