help/advice on a reinstalation on laptop

  raggy 2 19:26 06 Jan 2010

hi guys (happy new year one and all)
My son has a virus on his laptop and has to back up all files and reinstall vista. now my couple of questions are
1.does he need to completly wipe the system and then reload all of vista O/S and drivers etc
2. he says he only needs to back up his files and then just put his laptop "back into factory default mode" and this is the same as a reload?? i dont think it is so can someone clarify which is correct??

  Clapton is God 19:36 06 Jan 2010

2 is correct

  MAJ 19:41 06 Jan 2010

Your son is correct, a factory restore is the same as a reformat of the C: drive, except that the software, including drivers, that came with the laptop will also be installed again.

  DieSse 19:43 06 Jan 2010

1. Why won't his AV program simply clean it of the virus - that will save having to do anything.

Try Malwarebytes to clean it if the AV program won't. Which AV is it by the way?

2. Factory defaults mean exactly that - any data, settings updates and new programs will be lost and need re-installing.

Bear in mind the virus may be in his data too - so saving and re-installing that without checking it won't exactly help.

3. A repair re-install of Windows might clear our a virus (and may not - depends where it is) - but will need a Vista CD - does he have one?.

A repair reinstall keeps data and programs - but might still leave an infection intact.

  MAJ 19:45 06 Jan 2010

He will of course have to reinstall all the Vista updates that aren't included in the factory restore, so install antivirus software first, connect to the internet and get all the updates from Windows Update.

  raggy 2 16:06 07 Jan 2010

hi guys
thanks for the replies.
Yes he has a Vista CD to re-install
His AV is Macafee ( Just found out it had not been updated so he had let it expire months ago)
when he goes back to factory mode how will he check where the virus is, if its in any of his saved data

  DieSse 16:27 07 Jan 2010

Download and install a free AV program - such as MS security Essentils, or Avira - then update and run a full scan.

Download and install free Malwarebytes - then update and run a full scan.

In fact if you can do those things now, and they clear the viruses, you may not need to do any re-installing at all.

Make sure you uninstall MacAfee first, or you'll get clashes between the two AV programs.

  raggy 2 07:48 08 Jan 2010

Thanks DieSse will try that and cross fingers

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