HELP Zone Alarm

  Jade 14 G 11:48 17 May 2006

Keep getting at start up that zone has to be shut down, there is a problem, so tried to uninstall it from add and remove but it won't uninstall, says close true vector down, haven't a clue what that is.
Tried to uninstall from all progs were there is an uninstall but it won't go from there.
Also just looked at the screen and zone in 3 months hasn't blocked anything, its 0 for everything.
Have used it for 6 years and no probs, can you help as need something to protect. Was going to download COMODO as its a free one and covers a lot and was told about it at pc advisor but if zone won't go can l still download the new one.
Also reading advanced in zone it disables windows firewall as l changed it and looked again and the tic was back in the box to close it.

  SANTOS7 11:58 17 May 2006

click here
this may help,good luck...

  961 13:02 17 May 2006

You need windows firewall disabled if you run za

True Vector is one of the engines that za uses

za can conflict with some virus programmes. Which are you using?

One answer may be to download a new copy of za from the za site then disconnect from the internet and install afresh

Ensure you are off the internet while doing this

  Jade 14 G 13:15 17 May 2006

Have always used AVG and have had no problems with it. Was thinking the same about downloading fresh, one thing zone has been doing is a popping up messsage's to update it which l know you can't .
But in the last few years l have downloaded more zone than ever before, they used to be ok for ages. Thanks for your help, but what l am not looking forward to is all the messages popping up asking can this program do this and on and on, it really bugs me.

  Stuartli 13:20 17 May 2006

>>is all the messages popping up asking can this program do this and on and on, it really bugs me.>>

But that proves that ZoneAlarm is doing its job...:-))

Providing you know that the particular program or utility should be able to access the Internet, just tick the box and the Allow button.

No further messages will come up then about each particular program or utility that you have allowed access.

  Jade 14 G 13:41 17 May 2006

Yes you may think its working but mine hasn't as nothing has been stopped in six months but at first it was still showing signs.
When l looked at the overview there were zero's for everything and normally its got a few while checking it over when you have just installed it, and in six years of using zone l know that is always the case,

close ZA at the taskbar then uninstall in control and disconnect from the net I had this prob some year ago destroyed ZA and used AVG Pro found it easier and simpler to use
ZA can be a pain normally a good prog but like all antivirus you have to keep it up to date and pay the annual fee
A 2nd antivirus I use is click here originally an email prog but developed to higher things This is compatable with most antivirus progs

  scotty 15:05 17 May 2006

When uninstalling ZA you should first go into options and deselect the optin to load ZA at start-up. Restart computer so that ZA is not running then uninstall.

  Stuartli 15:12 17 May 2006

>>as nothing has been stopped in six months but at first it was still showing signs.>>

You have probably - and wisely - disable the Alerts Log function from displaying the various traffic.

I've used ZA for years and it just operates quietly in the background unless a new program, application or utility requires Internet access or, alternatively, being blocked.

Each time you install a new version of ZA you have the choice of Update or Clean Install - if you select the former than the configuration is retained.

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