Help with xp screen refresh rate

  rainwarrior 23:40 29 Jul 2003

Hi all, im a newb on here and with using xp, could you plz tell me where i can get a fix to stop win xp pro from displaying everything at 60hrz, as the min recomended is about 75hrz and i dont want to mess my head up anymore than it is lol ;) thanx too anyone who replies......

  Shirl @ 23:46 29 Jul 2003

Please list your components.


  PSF 00:10 30 Jul 2003

click here

have a look at this for the NVrefresh tool.

  DieSse 00:14 30 Jul 2003

If this is a TFT screen, then 60Hz is normal.

If it's a CRT then at least 75, better 85 if your monitor supports it.

Go to Display in the Control Panel- then settings - advanced - adapter - and depending on your graphics card, you should see "Display all modes", or similar. Pick the one you want from the list.

  rainwarrior 11:44 30 Jul 2003

I am running a p42.6 256mb ram 60gig hard drive at the moment a msi motherboard with inbuilt sis graphics but im gettin a g-force 4mx on the 31st i tried going into display settinds and changed it, but everytime you but up it goes back to 60 even on a m8s with a g-force 4 mx i know its been a common fault with xp but a fix or somesthing surely must be out so i dont need to change settins every time i boot up (which is alot)

  Jester2K II 11:52 30 Jul 2003

PSF - has provided a link for you. This only applies when playing games though. Did this not work??

Is this 60 mhz refresh rate for the desktop or during games?

Are the monitor drivers install?

  rainwarrior 16:30 30 Jul 2003

thanx all i got it sorted, the link wasnt there when i posted more help ive hit that and i also got another called refreshforce off a mag i just bought. :) ill have fun settin it all up tomorrow as im buying my new graphics card so a fun day of reinstallin.... thanx for the help see ya all soon

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