help XP install probs

  cheeky 18:04 08 Jan 2004

HI All

I am trying to re-instal a clean copy of XP pro on my dell laptop, it has no floppy so I am installing form the disk.

The problem is I want to get rid of the old instalation but every time I insdtall it just installs over the top. I want to wipe that partition foirst and start a fresh.

How do I do this as it won't let me delete the partition as it is using it for the temp files on instal

Any advice greatly welcome

Oh and a Happy New Year to you all !

  Earthworm 18:55 08 Jan 2004

1. ensure your computer boots up cdrom first and Hard drive second. this is done in the bios settings at start up by pressing the del key normally.
2. ensure Xp pro is in and boot up, when it asks you to press any key to boot from cd then do so.
3. follow on screen promps until it says to to repair xp press enter (i think) but to install a new copy press esc key. esc key and i will tell you that there is already a copy of windows installed, do you want to install any way, press enter(follow what it says on the screen). eventully it will ask you where to install the windows directory and at the bottom it should say to delete the directory press (key) do it and confirm again. once this is done your C: drive should of disappeared and it should now be unpartitioned. press c to create a new dierectory and confirm, windows will now format the drive in one of 4 ways.
5. best to fromat using NTFD format and windows will now format the new drive and automatically install it's self


  hugh-265156 18:56 08 Jan 2004

do you have a full retail copy of windows xp?

if so click here

  cheeky 11:09 09 Jan 2004

Thanks for that, I was trying to install by running it in windows an going from their, when I should have booted from the cd and indstalled that way. I got it re installed last night,so thanks again

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