Help with XP

  Dazwm 11:25 26 May 2003

I have added another user to my computer so that anything of mine can't be seen or deleted but is seems to be running very slow especially on start-up. How can I rectify this or is it something I have to put up with?

  3Toed 11:51 26 May 2003

Suggestion-make sure new users 'loggoff' if not using pc for a while,it can slow things down a bit(but not dramatically).Also have you done any xp updates rescently,there are known updates that seem to slow down the pc-I'm thinking of Q.811493 update in particular,there have been quite a few comments in the forum on updates slowing down pc's.

  The Transporter 13:11 26 May 2003

I would not worry about how fast it boots up, just in how it runs once you are using applications from your desktop.

After a while XP does get slow especially after using Office applications a lot. Usually a restart will sort out the problems.

Try Cacheman to help you control your memory settings, it may help you.

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