Help with xl formula

  reddwarfcrew 12:16 10 Sep 2003


I have the following formula:

c = {y * d * (a+b)} + (z * d)

now if I know what c is, how to I rearrange the formula to find out what y and z are.

PS I know I can use goal seek, but would like to actually re-arrange the formula.


  reddwarfcrew 12:47 10 Sep 2003


I'll try this later.

  reddwarfcrew 14:27 10 Sep 2003

In order to work out y I need to know what z is, but to know what z is I need to know what y is????

  reddwarfcrew 14:42 10 Sep 2003

Y+Z = E

  reddwarfcrew 15:03 10 Sep 2003

c = value after penalty for withdrawal plus interest.

y = savings account a

z = savings account b

d = penalty for withdrawal

a = interest yet yo be paid (only applies to y)

b = additional interest yet yo be paid (only applies to y)

e = total of y+z

Basically, if I wanted to withdrawal £500 from my 2 accounts (split in proportion to y/e and z/e), then how much would I need to withdrawal in total.

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