Help with Word XP Mail Merge using labels

  Brumas 18:10 06 Dec 2004

I cannot seem to get this working correctly.
I opened the mail-merge wizard and followed the step-by-step instructions. I created a Christmas Card List and continued selecting my labels, all seemed fine.
Step 2 shows a blank sheet of my labels
Step 3 asks to ‘select recipient’. I select ‘use an existing list’ and browse to my list and now all but the top left label shows
‘«Next Record»
I am then asked to ‘arrange my labels if I have not already done so’ – this is done by using the blank top left label.
The options are ,ADDRESS BLOCK, GREETINGS LINE, ELECTRONIC POSTAGE or MORE ITEMS. As I am not quite sure what to do I select ADDRESS BLOCK and ««AddressBlock»» appears in the top left hand label.
Step 4 is to preview my labels. The first address from my list appears in the top left label but all the rest are blank. I can preview the rest of the addresses in my list by using the forward and back arrows in the information box on the right, but instead of them opening up in each label, they are just previewed, one by one, in the top left label.
Step 6 asks me to complete merge, but then again, only the first address of my list appears in the top left label and all the rest are blank.
Before I tear out my hair, can anyone lead me through this, step by step, otherwise I shall have to write out all the envelopes, which seems silly.

  VoG II 18:17 06 Dec 2004
  Paul S 18:25 06 Dec 2004

try using "more items" instead of Address Block

  brambles 20:28 06 Dec 2004

If you are at the stage where you can preview them individually with that little ABC and arrows then surely all you need to do is tthe final merge.

Try clicking Tools/Mail Merge again click OK twice and they should merge.

It's not difficult once you've done a few so persevere


  Scribbler 17:27 07 Dec 2004

I've just finished my labels, so know the problem. After clicking on Address Block, you get a pop-up with an example of an address layout (Joshua Randall Jr, etc). Click on OK (don't forget to click on "Always include the country/region in the address" if some of your list is for overseas addresses). You then get, as you say, AddressBlock in the top left label. At this point it's vital to click on a box on the screen which says "Update all labels" (it's under a section marked "Replicate labels").If you don't do this you'll only get the first name and address on your list. Good luck!

  Brumas 18:03 07 Dec 2004

Thanks everyone for all your responses.


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