Help with Wireless set Plzzzz

  Sheps 20:37 13 Jan 2011

Hi there, I would like some advice on behalf of my parents, i am trying to get them onto wireless broadband, their only using mobile broadband atm, and the reception is terrible, so i'm trying my hardest to get them on a good network. Now mum just has a laptop with wireless adaptor onboard, so if she gets the wireless router am i right in thinking she just plugs the cable into the router and phone socket?? switches on the laptop, sets up the connection via laptop does security lock and away she goes???only i've got a main pc which has a ethernet cable connected and then a couple of laptops in the house which both have wireless adaptors on, so i really want to make sure mum can just come off the router direct ??? only i dont live near her and i want to be able to get all this straight before ordering her one, Many thanks in advance , Paula

  mgmcc 08:59 14 Jan 2011

Firstly, your parents need to sign up with an ISP who will enable ADSL on their phone line. (This is assuming that they don't have Virgin's Cable service in their area.) The ISP should provide them with a Wireless Broadband Router and probably a CD from which to run a wizard to set it all up.

Once set up, any computers connecting "wirelessly" will scan for Available Wireless Networks, you (parents) select the one whose SSID (network name) matches that of their router and click the option to "Connect". A prompt will appear to enter the encryption 'key' and should then be connected to the router. A profile is saved so that connection in future is automatic when the network is available.

  Sheps 22:12 14 Jan 2011

Thank you so much mgmcc, thats what i wanted to read lol...yeah their signing up with the same service as me, but i was worried that their need some other accesories or something, and being as i dont live local to them, i just wanted it all to be done with out any hitches lol...i think its cos i have all the leads going to my main computer i was thinking that perhaps their need all that, but their laptop is already wireless enabled, so it should be a easy operation. Many thanks for your advice/help Paula

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