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  Daveson 22:42 02 Nov 2004

Hi there, I am stuck on what products to buy and if the set up i have in mind will work.. so before i buy i need some advice. I have a laptop and thats it, no desktop pc. Is it possible to do this -----> Have a microfiter plugged into the BT socket, then a broadband enabled wireless router plugged into the microfilter and from there a wireless pcmcia card into the laptop. Will this work or does the router need to be pluged into a pc or can it stand alone if you get what i mean. i want to be able to get my broadband on my laptop so i can wonder around.

I have these products in mind :

click here


click here

  hillybilly 00:41 03 Nov 2004

Nothing wrong with what your suggesting, only comment is go for the slighty more expensive unit as it has a built in firewall! click here

Bear in mind how far and where you want wander? check out some of the previous posts on this site, sometimes peole are a little dissapointed by the speed and distance that they get!

  Daveson 08:12 03 Nov 2004

ok thanks for your help.

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