Help with a wireless network

  jimmylove 12:01 19 Mar 2004

I am a Mac user (for which no apologies!) however my mother has asked me to set up a wireless broadband network in her house so she can share a wireless internet connection with my sister. They both have laptops which have wireless LAN cards in them. As I'm unfamiliar with PCs I was hoping one of you (or 2 or 3 of you) would be able to tell me what exactly I'll need to get (e.g. router, broadband modem, how many, what brands etc), and ideally how to set it up. Is it simply a case of installing a wireless router and modem and then running the wziard on both of their PCs to set it up?
Thanks for your help with this,


  Muckle 12:31 19 Mar 2004

If you already have the broadband modem then connect it to a wireless router and if the laptops have XP they should detect the router. If you don't already have the modem then you can pick up a combined wireless modem/router to do the job. The problem then is setting up security - this can be a bit technical, but I'm sure someone here will help out if you have any difficulties.

  jjf72 13:50 19 Mar 2004

You don't need a router to connect both laptops to the internet. If they have wireless LAN cards they can already talk to each other. All you need is to connect one of them to the internet through a standard BB modem, and the other networked laptop can share this connection.

I have a similar setup at home with a BB connected PC and a laptop , from which I can surf anywhere in the house through the wireless network.

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