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  Grandad D 11:34 25 Jan 2004

Hi, The moment has come, As my little lovebug has decided that the ethernet cable that joins my laptop to the modem router is too long (something to do with hoovering, whatever that is) I am about to order a wireless access point, to be used with 1 laptop for broadband internet. I am looking at two units. Both are 802.11g but one is up to 54 Mbps and the other is up to 100 Mbps (around £25 more.) Which one do I buy please? I know i would need a card for my laptop and would buy the one that suits the access point. Ta, Dennis

  Grandad D 12:34 25 Jan 2004

Trying again

  SEASHANTY 12:51 25 Jan 2004

Probably not the one you are considering but there is plenty of info on the Linksys website
click here

  mgmcc 12:54 25 Jan 2004

The higher speed is only really significant for file transfers over the network - I have an 802.11b Wireless Access Point (11 Mbps) and file transfer is rather slow compared to my 'wired' 100Mbps network connections.

However, for internet access over the network, where the broadband internet connection is only 512kbps (or you may have 1Mbps or 2Mbps broadband), the Local Area Network will still be running at a very much higher speed than the internet connection, so the speed here isn't an issue.

  johnnyrocker 13:03 25 Jan 2004

click here might also be of use to you.


  Forum Editor 13:25 25 Jan 2004

and I wouldn't place too much reliance on Mbps figures.

I'm assuming you have an ADSL connection, in which case I recommend that you buy a wireless ADSL router with its own modem built in. That way you don't have to have your main PC (again I assume that you have one) turned on in order to use the broadband connection.

You don't have to worry about matching the laptop's network adapter to the router - the technology will work in any case. You can get excellent USB network adapters now (the size of a cigarette lighter), and they work very well indeed. Alternatively you can invest in a PCMCIA card adapter for the laptop. I use one of these (a Linksys) and have never had any problems, but I also carry the USB type for use when working with clients' machines, and again have had nmo problems.

  skeletal 15:28 25 Jan 2004

Another thing to remember is that "g" spec is 54Mbps. The 100Mbps is something "special" and you may well find that there may be some compatibility issues between manufacturers; i.e. a "g" from another manufacturer would almost certainly not run at 100Mbps in your system.

You would need all your stuff to be from the same manufacturer whereas, theoretically, any "normal gs" would work together.


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