Help With Wireless Connections

  MCPR82 15:30 16 Apr 2004

I would like to link my Desktop PC, Laptop and Pocket PC with a Wireless USB connection(s). I don't want to have to install any PC Cards.

Has Anyone done this ? If so what do I need to buy and are such USB products available ??

Thanks for your help !!


  anon1 15:35 16 Apr 2004

this what you seek click here

  anon1 15:36 16 Apr 2004

Forgot to add it would probably be more efficient and cheaper to install network cards even though you don't wish to.

  MCPR82 15:28 23 Apr 2004

Alas the shortcut yopu kindly provided lists dozens of products - I wouldn't have a clue which ones I actually need !!

Thanks anyway


  MCPR82 15:30 23 Apr 2004

That I only received notification of your response to my question today !

  pmjd 16:31 23 Apr 2004

A small warning about the USB type adapters, you will only have a maximum data tranfer speed of 10 Mbps, the wireless 802.11b standard. I don't know if it is to do with USB 1.1 maximum speed or just that no one is yet making G standard ones yet

If you want the faster 54 Mbps g standard you'll have to buy a PCMCIA card for the laptop and a PCI card for the Desktop.

I'm not as familiar with pocket PC's but they need an adapter that fits in the CF flash memory socket. So far they only go as fast as the B standard

Why do you want to use only USB devices?

Are you planning to connect your devices only 1 to 1 or would you like them all to be able to talk to one another at the same time?

If you are only going for the 1 to 1 option you can get away with simple peer to peer networking.

If you want all three networked together you'll need to get a wireless router to link them all together.

Hope this helps,

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