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  luddite2 12:39 24 Aug 2005

Can anyone spare the time to help me with the following please.

I want to provide an internet link to 5 rooms in one property.

I'm told I need a wireless router.

Ideally I want to hard-wire one room and wireless the others. Can all the pc's work independently or does there need to be a slave pc always switched on? I'd prefer the 5 units to all be stand alone.

Do I need a modem incorporated with the router. And a splitter?

Is the kit normally easy to set up because I'm not an IT buff as you can tell!

I expect there would be a mix of pc's and lap tops. What would they need to link to the system?

Does the wired connection need a plug-in box in the room or just the wire end? And what sort of cable is needed?

Can you suggest the best products (and cheapest!) that will meet my needs please. Reliability is also important.

Is there a certain type of incoming phone line needed? Currently its a standard BT phone line.

Thanks for any assistance.


  Technotiger 12:48 24 Aug 2005

Hi, you will get a much better response with more detailed answers if you put this Post into the Network Forum (see above/left)


If you take this bit of advice, you should also Tick this one as Resolved.


  Sans le Sou 12:52 24 Aug 2005

you can get a wireless router with a modem built in, most have several plugs so you can use an RJ45 to hard wire some machines. All the machines can work independantly and do not require one be left running. You will need to fit wireless adapters to each machine to receive the signal from the router. You can network your machines if required. This is a simplified explanation, the actual requirements will vary from site to site. You will also need a broadband service from somebody. Suggest a GOOGLE to have a look at hardware, I have a BTVoyager 2100 with PCIadapters in 2 machines and a USB adapter in one, if you can I would avoid the USB adapters and get a PCI with a remote antenna.

  Sans le Sou 13:17 24 Aug 2005

Think I meant CAT 5 not RJ45

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