Help with Windows XP problem

  Ollieole 13:44 27 Nov 2007

Hi all, looking for some help with problems on Windows XP

Over the last few months I had noticed that my PC had slowed considerably and certain actions under XP were hanging - e.g. deleting the recently opened documents via right clicking the start bar / properties / start menu etc or deleting IE7 history etc - in which I would get an animated screen that just went on and on forever. When I go to close the animated screen it reports that explorer or internet browser deleting is not responding.

Also, I had noticed that getting into control panel through start / settings was taking a very long time. Baiscally, after clicking on control panel nothing happens for over a minute and then it opens.

I decided it was time for a clean up of the PC and so I ordered a new HDD, gave the insides a good clean out and re-installed XP.

However, with the fresh install, the above problems are still there !!

Machine is a P4 3.2G / Asus P4C800E deluxe mobo / 2Gb Ram / 500G & 400G Samsung HDDs and using Avast / Comodo as anti virus / Firewall (prior to re-install was using Symantec internet security 2007 but thought that might be what was slowing it down)

Just wondered if anyone had any ideas what might be causing these actions to hang or take forever


  birdface 14:01 27 Nov 2007

Try speed test to make sure you are getting the proper download speed from your here Try Tools.Internet Options.Advanced.Press restore advanced settings.Make sure there is no dust or fluff blocking the air vents at the back of the computer.Let us know what Anti-virus and spyware programs that you have Also what Firewall.

  Technotiger 14:02 27 Nov 2007

Have you look in Processes to see if anything is hogging the CPU? Ctrl/Alt/Del then look under the Processes tab - System Idle Process should be the only one showing at about 97%, all the rest will be about 0% - 3% or 4%.

If you have Adobe Acrobat, then that is a known CPU hogger using Adobe updater! On my PC I got rid of Adobe Acrobat 'cos it was slowing things down so much.

  birdface 14:02 27 Nov 2007

Sorry about the Security Programs .I never noticed that you had posted them.

  birdface 14:05 27 Nov 2007

Now did you run the Norton removal tool when uninstalling.If not I would recommend that you run it here

  birdface 14:12 27 Nov 2007

I should have added if you run the removal tool Run C Cleaner after it just to get rid of whats left.

  Ollieole 17:23 27 Nov 2007

Thanks for the responses

Buteman - internet speeds not a problem, get almost a full 20mb with Virgin. All air vents etc are clear, the PC was given a thorough clean inside with an air duster. No I didn't run the Norton removal tool as this was a fresh install on a new HDD - Norton was pre re-install.

Technotiger - nothing hogging resources and no I don't have any adobe software. Very little loaded back on it yet.

I really can't fathom out this behaviour.

  birdface 17:36 27 Nov 2007

Try.Right click my computer.Properties.Hardware.Device manager.Check and see if any yellow exclamation marks beside any of the devices.While in there .Press the plus sign on Ide Atapi controllers.Double click Primary IDE Channel.Advanced settings.And make sure it is set to DMA 5 or above and not PIO.

  Totally-braindead 17:41 27 Nov 2007

I don't see how this can be connected to your previous problems but did you install the motherboard drivers after you reinstalled XP?

  birdface 17:41 27 Nov 2007

I am with Virgin as well but only on 2Mb I find it absolutely crap at the moment.I did not know if it was IE7 problem or what.Just wondering if any other Virgin customers are having the same problem or just us.I am in the northants area.

  gardener 17:55 27 Nov 2007

I'm with Virgin 8Mb and can rarely get speeds above 1Mb. At peak times this can slow to as little as 3Kb/sec! Contention ratio and old phone cabling I presume. I live in North Yorkshire.

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