Help with windows xp installation please

  Never again 15:42 18 May 2004

I have finally persuaded the powers that be to upgrade my windows ME pc which has a p3 800 processor and 394mb ram.

Unfortunately the xp package that I have (and is still shrink wrapped)says that it is for distribution with a new pc, instead of being an upgrade.

Can I use this to upgrade my ME installation or do I have to send it back to the vendor, and get the upgrade version.

  Fruit Bat 15:50 18 May 2004

Should be able to upgrade without any problems but is usually better to do a clean install although this will lose all your emails / desktop settings etc. Can't remember if me has a file and settings transfer or not?

  Never again 15:55 18 May 2004

So do I just stick the cd in the drive and follow the instructions.

I remember when trying to upgrade windows 95 to 98 that I had to have an upgrade version and not an oem one.

  mdshamilton 16:00 18 May 2004

That's pretty much it - the CD should detect old, prior versions and give you various options to upgrade the OS.

  Old Shep 16:00 18 May 2004

Don't know if yours will work or not - I upgraded from ME to XP but used the upgrade disk.Without any firm advice I would be tempted NOT to try it if I were you.

  TomJerry 16:01 18 May 2004

You can not normally upgrade using OEM full version (which is what you got). But, you can fool the software to let it thinks it is a new PC/HDD. Basically, just reformat the harddisk using fdisk. But, PLEASE BACKUP everyting before you do this!!!!!!!

  Never again 16:04 18 May 2004

If I reformat using fdisk do I need a windows startup disk so that my cd rom drive is recognised, or reinstall dos or anything.

  ventanas 16:43 18 May 2004

Where did the XP disc come from? If it was not supplied with the PC you intend to install it on then you cannot legally use it. The wording on the disc says this much. I would send it back to where it came from and ask for a retail upgrade version.

  TomJerry 16:45 18 May 2004

WinXP CD is bootable, just get into bios when machine (pree Del or F3) and make the CD as the first boot device. If your motherboard does not support cd boot (unlikely because your machine is not old), you need to boot up using bootdisks which you can download program from ms and generate them, you can find link click here

  Mikè 16:48 18 May 2004

If you decide to do a clean install the cd is bootable, you can format and create a partition from within the setup procedure.

You will need to decide wether you are going to stick with FAT32 or go with NTFS, I would reccomend the latter.

  TomJerry 16:55 18 May 2004

To satisfy ventanas, you need to change some components (e.g.HDD) to make a new PC.

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