help! windows vista and aol

  jedsusan 16:59 09 Sep 2008

hi there have laptop running windows vista and aol as internet.Some times(A lot) get no response and them the pc will freeze up and go white the whole screen spoke to aol and said nothing wrong any help would be nice thanks

  Marko797 17:08 09 Sep 2008

wife has this set up and has no probs.

Can u access aol via IE?

Might be worth ctrl,alt del to bring up task manager as it has been known for aol to be running twice. If so close one down as this will hog resources.

Failing this, u could always go for a restore to default using 1 click fixes. Give it a go and report bk.

  jedsusan 17:30 09 Sep 2008

hi there try all that you said everthing is fine has it should

  provider 2 17:31 09 Sep 2008

Some suggestions + links:

click here(Vista%20Ready)%20help_portal&c=help_portal

  Marko797 17:37 09 Sep 2008

u mean it's fixed, or still having probs?

  ened 17:39 09 Sep 2008

I have Vista and AOl is my ISP.

First of all I trust you are using AOL 9VR.

I have it installed and I don't have any problems, but I still prefer to use IE. In fact the only time I use the AOL software is if I want to contact them or do something to do with AOL.

You could try uninstalling their software to see if that helps.

You can still get everything else from click here

  jedsusan 17:43 09 Sep 2008

hi Marko797 not fix it only happen somtimes just all a sudden a white screen yes have vista sp1 and aol vr

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