HELP!! windows updates wont install!!

  laptopdunce 01:58 19 Dec 2013

I have an asus laptop, it started up OK but the mouse wouldnt work, then I shut it down and now it keeps starting up with a page saying "configuring updates stage 32 of 3, do not turn off....." but it never configures, Ihave tried opening it in safe mode with networking but it keeps showing this "configuring updates 3 of 3" then goes to a black page and shows a bar with microsoft corporation and a bar with green panel that looks like it is installing but then never does, and after 8 minutes goes back to blue page with "config. updates 3 of 3" - I just dont know what to do!! its my laptop with the printer attached and I really need it for my ebay labels etc., its a real pain!!! bloody computers, what can possibly be wrong here and how can I fix it? thanks, its an Asus x58l with windows vista thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  northumbria61 12:19 19 Dec 2013

Take a look here Updates

  laptopdunce 20:41 19 Dec 2013

It was IMPOSSIBLE to do any of that as windows would simply not load in safe mode or any mode, I looked on internet and this "configure 3 updates" is quite common on vista computers, I had to reload the entire windows from the recovery disks!! bloody pain in the a**e!! but it has cleared the problem and at least I can use the printer again, now I have to reload all my favourite programmes and layout of desktop etc., its mainly my "ebay/printing" laptop in another room so not always used, but its a real PAIN when these things happen, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  xania 09:54 20 Dec 2013

These problems are a pain - in fact Windows ins a pain - in fact Microsoft is a pain - but we're stuck with it!! What I now do is, after I've fully installed my system, is take a system backup (I use Acronis, but there are plenty of others - some free), verify its accuracy and then, when problems strike, I can get back up and running within 15 minutes. Of course, I also take daily backups of all changes (task scheduled .bat file I have written)so that the end product is up-to-date, and I then allow all the new patches to run and use the opportunity to update my system backup.

  laptopdunce 13:19 20 Dec 2013

Hi, not sure if I should start a new question about this, the updates seems to have settled down now, set it to auto updates at 1500 hours each day. i.e. is not very good, keep getting an upgrade window on i.e. but this vista computer doesnt support the i.e. 8 that it keeps trying to install, I dont know what version of i.e. it is operating so I have google chrome also installed which is much faster and direct, however I keep getting a page that starts with " speed dial, something" at the opening page, my question is: is this normal? I didnt have it before and I am wondering if it is only of those admail things that should be removed?? what do you think, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

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