Help. Windows can't find any networks.

  bda72 10:33 10 Feb 2010

This is a frequent problem I have but sometimes it occurs every few days and sometimes not for weeks. While I am using my laptop I will lose my wireless internet connection, mostly but not everytime widows update seems to be to blame as it is waiting for a restart to install updates.
The only way I have found to regain network access is to run windows restore and then I have internet access again once the computer reboots.
This has happened again this morning but for some reason I only have one restore point available which was made this morning and I still have the problem. I have windows vista installed.
I know my network is available as I am typing this on my girlfriends laptop also I can't see any of the neighbours networks on my machine.

Would be grateful for any ideas.


  birdface 10:44 10 Feb 2010

Maybe remove all of the Microsoft updates from last night and see if it works any better.
Or remove them one at a time until you find the one giving you the problems.
You can then run a manual update and the one giving you problems click on it and it should give you the option of tick a box not to show that update again.
Then just install the others that you deleted.
Either change your settings to notify you of updates but not to install them.Or remove automatic updates.
If you choose Notify you of updates you can choose which ones you want to download any others either ignore or tick do not show this update again.

  bda72 11:15 10 Feb 2010

Thanks for the reply, I have restored to this morning before todays updates were installed but I had lost the internet before that. I have uninstalled an update from the 28th of Jan and there are no others after the 22nd and it worked perfectly during that period.
Head scratching time again.


p.s. The wifi switch on the laptop is on.

  rawprawn 11:32 10 Feb 2010

Try flushing the DNS, open Command Prompt (Run as Administrator) and type
ipconfig /flushdns then hit Enter

  rawprawn 11:33 10 Feb 2010

Sorry you should then type
net start dnscache and press Enter.

  bda72 09:09 12 Feb 2010

When trying ipconfig /flushdns it says "The requested operation requires elevation"

When trying net start dnscache it says "System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied."

  Woolwell 13:02 12 Feb 2010

"The requested operation requires elevation" means that you need to run as an administrator.

To get to Command Prompt - Click on Start and then in the search box type cmd. When you see cmd.exe right click on it and choose run as administrator. The follow rawprawn's ipconfig, etc.

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