Help for Windows 98 Second Edition

  johndrew 12:06 04 Sep 2008

A friend of ours is running an older Dell PC with Windows 98 SE installed. She is not online and (to the best of my knowledge) has never updated the OS in any way. I have seen many sites advertising updates of various types (unofficial and official) but want to ensure the stability of the PC after it is updated. The PC would benefit from a Registry backup (similar to ERUNT) and a good clean (Ccleaner?).

Does anyone know of a good, reliable source from which I could download updates for her?

Does anyone know of a reliable Registry backup utility for Windows 98?

I`m not certain if Ccleaner works with Windows 98 can anyone confirm or recommend a utility that would work?

Many thanks in anticipation.

  Sea Urchin 12:13 04 Sep 2008

I can confirm that CCleaner does work on Win 98SE

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:13 04 Sep 2008

I only use it occasionally on one machine at work

CCleaner should work with 98 and it will backup the registry.

Woodchip is the man you need I believe he is still regularly using a 98 machine

  PO79 12:17 04 Sep 2008

click here

Remember to back up the system first.

  johndrew 12:17 04 Sep 2008

Thanks for the help people.

Woodchip - I need your help, please!!!

  Diemmess 12:40 04 Sep 2008

While you are acting very responsibly making sure of safety and OS integrity first, I doubt if there will be a significant improvement to be had.

Most important, your friend is not on line, which immediately removes the need for a lot of the facilities and security which were perhaps lacking.

W98SE is a fine program, the SE part covering most of the needed updates to plain 98.

From memory, one trivial change was to copy "defrag" from Win ME for much better speed.

Just my opinion.

  David4637 15:28 04 Sep 2008

Why don't you leave the W98SE PC as it is, "IF IT AINT BROKE WHY FIX IT". My old 98SE has never been updated and goes as well as the day it arrived. David

  DieSse 15:36 04 Sep 2008

I've just today used Wise Disk Cleaner and Wise Registry cleaner on a Win98 SE system, very effectively. The registry cleaner will also do a registry backup.

click here

  johndrew 15:51 04 Sep 2008

I understand your logic. The PC was online at one time for a short period but with little or no protection. It has been `de-bugged` (and there was plenty to eliminate) but now it is very sluggish, fails to recognise external items plugged into USB sockets (that is HDDs, pen drives, card readers and more) which she wishes to use, and even the mouse (USB) sometimes fails to respond.

My feeling is that a good clean, an update and defrag would do it the world of good and may resolve some of the problems currently apparent.

  johndrew 15:58 04 Sep 2008

Thank you, worth consideration. Was this the free or commercial version?

  DieSse 16:22 04 Sep 2008

The free versions. I use them all the time on my own XP system too.

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