Help with win98se re install

  Gee Tee 16:03 18 Oct 2003

its 4 years since i installed 98se and i
want to try to liven things up,if i re install
over the top will all my updates and programs
remain intact, also on the 98se cd when i
click on browse this cd there is a setup
icon and a 98 folder with a setup icon,is
the setup in the 98 folder the one i need.

  Djohn 17:16 18 Oct 2003

All your personal files/documents will remain, but 98se will revert back to it's original settings that are on the CD, you will need to update your drivers and windows files again.

If you want a nice clean start, then better to backup, or have access to all your drivers and files, also make sure you have access to all your programs that you have installed over the past few years.

Format your drive and start again with a clean install. This will remove all the rubbish that has been collected and your system will fly along like new. j.

  seedie 19:03 18 Oct 2003

Ummm that's not entirely true John.

Re-installed 98se last week and preserved all drivers and settings but I do think that after 4 years a reformat and re install is the best bet.

GT have you got a rom burner you could save your personal stuff to?

  Gee Tee 19:49 18 Oct 2003

yes i have rom burner but am not sure
what to do now,i suppose a re install first
if no improvement then a format and clean

  seedie 20:13 18 Oct 2003

Make sure you have all the drivers for you modem, sound card,graphics card and motherboard and of course a 98 setup disk and a valid key.

Burn all your precious stuff to CDROm oh! at this point do you have a recovery floppy?

  Gee Tee 23:27 18 Oct 2003

Yes i have the floppy

  woodchip 23:40 18 Oct 2003

If you save what you want to save and format and reinstall after 4 years you will think you bought a new computer when it restart's after reloading Windows. But you need a driver saver for all your hardware drivers. If you want one E-Mail me

  Nellie2 23:43 18 Oct 2003

This is a brilliant little program for backing up your drivers. Once you have done this then put the file onto a seperate disk with all your other precious stuff and you are ready to go.

click here

  woodchip 23:48 18 Oct 2003

That's the one

  VoG II 23:52 18 Oct 2003

Then do this click here? or click here

However, why not try an over the top install first and see if that improves things to your liking. If not, proceed as above.

  Djohn 00:26 19 Oct 2003

Sorry for the delay in coming back to your thread, I've been out for the evening.

Thanks seedie for correcting me, I wasn't absolutely sure. That's why I mentioned to do a backup and that a re-install may be better. Seem to remember though that when I did a re-install some years back, the install would keep stopping, saying that files on the CD were older than the ones on my system and did I want to keep or overwrite.

Never was sure which one's to keep, so in the end I did a format. j. :o(

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