Help with win xp installation info please

  Never again 21:29 30 Dec 2004

I have a p3 800mhz with 512mb ram running windows me.

I foolishly bought my wife an ipod for christmas which needs xp to work, and therefore have downloaded and run the compatibility test which gave me the following results.

My main issues are to do with my ntl broadband modem, soundcard, prolific usb to serial port and printer, but also my norton programs and hcf modem select, which may be related to my internal dial up modem which is redundant, or it may not?

Can anyone please give me any advice on these issues as I don’t want to buy an xp upgrade in vain. Also I have usb 1? At the moment – will a usn 2 pci card run at usb or is my pc too old.

Finally, is it worth me buying a new bare bones pc with xp instead as my pc is quite geriatric.


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  Never again 21:30 30 Dec 2004

Warnings (return to top)
The following issues might require you to obtain files from Microsoft Windows Update Web site or a manufacturer's Web site. You can still continue to upgrade to Windows XP without resolving these issues, but some hardware or software might not work. Follow the recommendations in each section.
Hardware Compatibility Issues
Setup has found hardware on your computer that is incompatible with (that is, it does not work with) Windows XP.

Hardware That Might Need Additional Files
The following hardware might need additional files in order to work with Windows XP. Contact your hardware vendors to obtain Windows XP compatible updates. In many cases, if a Windows XP version is not yet available, a Windows 2000 compatible update should work. It is recommended that you obtain these drivers in advance.
You can also view the Microsoft Windows XP Hardware Compatibility List on the Web.

Please note that some of the following entries might be software that is registered as hardware.

Imaging Device
600CU (not currently present)
DC 1300 WDM DSC Bulk Driver (not currently present)
DC 1300 WDM Video Capture (not currently present)
USB Still Image Device

SupraExpress 56i Pro V CC

Network adapters
USB Cable Modem 351000

Ports (COM & LPT)
USB to Serial Port (COM4)
USB to Serial Port (COM5) (not currently present)

Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 720 Series

Sound, video and game controllers
CMI8738/C3DX PCI Audio Device
LifeView FlyVideo WDM TV Tuner
LifeView FlyVideo WDM Video Capture
Modular Technology Galaxy TV Tuner (Audio) (not currently present)
Modular Technology Galaxy TV Tuner (Video) (not currently present)

Universal Serial Bus controllers
Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port

Software Compatibility Issues
Software That Does Not Support Windows XP
Setup has found programs on your computer that are incompatible with (that is, they do not work with) Windows XP. Contact your software vendors to obtain updates or Windows XP-compatible versions. If you don't update these programs before you upgrade, the programs will not work after the upgrade is completed.

HCF Modem Country Select (in Control Panel)

Before you upgrade to Windows XP, you should remove any incompatible programs if you can. After the upgrade, uninstall for these programs might not work. Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel can help you uninstall most programs. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then click Add/Remove Programs.
Norton Disk Doctor
This program may have compatibility issues on this version of Windows.
Norton Image Disk
This program may have compatibility issues on this version of Windows.

Norton Registry Tracker
This program may have compatibility issues on this version of Windows.

Speed Disk
This program may have compatibility issues on this version of Windows.

Software That Must Be Reinstalled
The following programs need to be reinstalled after the upgrade, because they use different files and settings in Windows XP.

DirectCD 5
Easy CD Creator 5
IntelliPoint 4.x

Helpful Information (return to top)
The following issues are listed for your information only. You can continue the upgrade to Windows XP.
Software Compatibility Issues

Software That Might Not Support Windows XP
Setup cannot determine if the following programs are compatible with Windows XP. Setup will disable them during the upgrade to eliminate the risk of problems. Contact the software vendor to obtain an upgrade pack.

Schedule Recording (a startup program)
Trust 302KS Silverline Wireless Deskset (a startup program)
Zone Labs Security (a startup program)

General Information
This section provides important information that you need to be aware of before you upgrade.

Backup Files Found
Setup found files on your computer that appear to be a backup of part of Windows Millennium Edition. During the upgrade to Windows XP, Setup removes Windows Millennium Edition from your computer, including any backups you might have on your hard disk. Some files in the following folders will be removed:


Protect your backup files by copying them to floppy disks, a network server, a compressed archive file, or other backup mechanism.
Folder Name Changes
Because two folders have the same name, Setup will rename them as follows:
C:\Documents and Settings -> C:\Documents and Settings.000

Recycle Bin
Setup found 1431 files in your Recycle Bin. If you continue upgrading to Windows XP, these files will be deleted.

Other Upgrade Information

Microsoft DirectX 9.0
To maintain compatibility with your DirectX 9.0 applications, you will need to download the DirectX 9.0 update for Windows XP, Windows XP SP1 and Windows Server 2003 from click here.

  ventanas 21:53 30 Dec 2004

Crikey, what a list. The certain items are probably modem and printer, you will need either updated drivers or replacments. A number of SupraMax modems are not supported in XP. I assume the 600 CU imaging device is a scanner (probably Canon), you will also need new drivers for this. Check the Canon site. I'm surprised about the audio though, it must be a strange one.

The programs you mention are likely to cause problems, certainly Easy CD 5 will not work with XP without a hefty upgrade, and then its not always successful. The others may not work at all.

The machine itself, proccessor and memory is perfectly cacable of running XP. I upgraded a similar spec only last week at work. My advice would be to back up anything you need to keep, and reformat to clean of all the stuff that is causing problems, then run the compatability test again, you may have a pleasant surprise, with the exception of the modem. It just seems to me that the computer has reached this point anyway. I did not bother to do the test with the machine I did last week, and the upgrade was completely trouble free. P3 800mhz with 256mb ram.

  Never again 22:01 30 Dec 2004

I can live without the scanner or buy a new xp soundcard if necessary, but my ntl USB Cable Modem 351000 is essential.

Do you know if there are any updated drivers for these modems, as I just know that the ntl site will be no help at all.

Do you know what this problem above is about?
HCF Modem Country Select (in Control Panel)

  woodchip 22:37 30 Dec 2004

I would relegate the PC to a wordprocessor

  JIM 22:41 30 Dec 2004

HCF Modem "Country" Select (in Control Panel) ?

Poss!! location is set wrong, "united states" or some other, instead of UK? Nowt to worry about :)

  Totally-braindead 22:41 30 Dec 2004

I know this isn't much help but click here its the NTL contact numbers and email, I presume you got the modem from NTL when you signed up, is there any make/model numbers on the case of the modem that can help to identify it? Did you get a disk with it? It may be worth having a look and see if it either gives you more info on who makes it or perhaps it'll give you an XP driver in which case you know it'll work. Regarding the iPod it should work on USB 1 but at a much reduced speed, even if there is a problem with it as long as you have a spare PCI slot you can get a USB 2.0 card for between 10 and 20 quid so theres no real worry there. You may find that Windows XP will install its own drivers for all the items you listed by itself, this is one of the things Microsoft have really improved and it makes life much easier when trying to install XP on a machine. I have Norton 2003 and it runs fine on XP, the only things I have seen that have had problem, in my experience at least, is older scanners not working and some modems not working. Modems can only cost about a tenner or so and my scanner an old Agfa works using the Win 2000 drivers as Agfa stopped supporting it some time ago and theres no XP drivers for it. A cheap scanner can be had for about 30 quid and a good one for about 50. All this is of course presuming there is a problem with any of the items anyway which you won't really know till you try it.

  Totally-braindead 22:45 30 Dec 2004

Took me a long time to type what I said so I've just read Woodchips post, shame on you, its not the latest PC but I'm sure theres a lot of people on the Forum using a PC far below Never agains spec, unless you want to play the newer games a 800mhz computer is more than adequate. Good luck Never again.

  Never again 23:01 30 Dec 2004

Thanks for your support Totally-braindead, but woodchip is right - its just used as a super wordprocessor for the kids homework mostly.

The modem is supplied by ntl and is a NTL home 100 model (60194E-A12) as no solutions, but I'll try the NTL telephone number tomorrow - how can 24 hour support be between 8am and 12pm?

The ipod software refuses to install on my win me pc, but I do already have a "spare" usb2 pci card, but I'm not sure that it will run on my old motherboard at usb 2 speed. The mobo is a tiger tyan 100 with a 440bx chipset.

Jim, the modem in control panel is set to the uk and does refer to my dial up modem - thanks for the reassurance.

  Strawballs 23:22 30 Dec 2004

When I first bought XP I was running AMD K62 550 with 256meg ram and NTL broadband Via set top box with PCI graphics card the only prob was redundant HCF modem which I hooked out and binned installed fine.

  woodchip 23:30 30 Dec 2004

It's cheaper to just get a new system box with XP already on it. and use something like Acronis true Image to create a Backup of the C:\Drive just in case it goes doolally

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