HELP Win ME will not boot into Windows

  Giggle n' Bits 18:37 17 Nov 2005

Came to switch my WinME machine on this afternoon and it sticks on start up with the following error messages:-

missing or corrupt files


I have Ran the Seagate Tool HDD Diagnostic on the SEagate ATA100 HDD and it reports the file structure being bad. I will post back at 8pm with more details on the Log from the HDD test.
I have also Scanned for Virus using a NAV 05 CD

Also tried scanreg /fix

Help please as I need to get some work off.

  Diemmess 19:10 17 Nov 2005

This may not apply to ME but it is one of the few recovery things for 98SE, and is most unlikely to make amtters worse.

Boot while tapping away on the F8 key before Windows itself starts to load.
You will stop at a DOS screen of alternatives.
Choose (5?) Comand prompt only.
When the cursor changes to C:> type...
scanreg /restore
exactly like that with a space after scanreg.

You will then have a list of dates when the computer ran successfuly. Choose one which is before the current mess, and follow the prompts.

This will restore the registry only, but it has to be tried.

  sattman 19:15 17 Nov 2005

In accessories/system tools, use system restore, pick a restore point before the the problem started

  sattman 19:17 17 Nov 2005

Sorry guilty of not reading your post correctly, try booting in safe mode and then restore

  Giggle n' Bits 19:34 17 Nov 2005

With Me Command prompt is not available I need a Windows ME Boot Disk, I should have created one years ago but I didn't unless I have not marked one so I know what it is.

I have found out the WinBootDir entry in Doss is corrupt this is why I need a ME Boot Disk (Floppy

  VoG II 19:35 17 Nov 2005
  Giggle n' Bits 19:46 17 Nov 2005

Thanks for the Link

Does the Floppy that came with my WinME CD which was Retail Boxed work the same as a Boot Disk ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:03 17 Nov 2005

Does the Floppy that came with my WinME CD which was Retail Boxed work the same as a Boot Disk ?

Yes it will boot the PC
Start your computer by using the Windows Me Startup disk.
At the Startup menu, choose Minimum Boot.
At the command prompt, type edit c:\windows\system.ini, and then press ENTER.
Edit the shell= line so that it looks like this:
Press ALT+F, and then press S to save the changes to the System.ini file.
Press ALT+F, and then press X.
Remove your Windows Me Startup disk, and then restart your computer. When your computer

restarts, Program Manager should start. If Program Manager does not start, repeat steps

1-7, being careful to follow these steps exactly, and then continue to the next step.
On the File menu, click Run, type msconfig in the Command Line box, and then press ENTER.
Click Launch System Restore to begin restoring your computer to a previous, functional

NOTE: After you configure your computer to start Program Manager, you can start the System

Restore tool by typing c:\windows\system\restore\rstrui.exe at a command prompt, and then

pressing ENTER.

  Giggle n' Bits 20:50 17 Nov 2005

Microsoft Article 258471 & 129605
Confused as I don't seem to be able to understand how & what to type following the MS support online but Fruit Bat /\0/\ will your fix work

Again my problem is
The following file is missing or corrup: C:\Windows\Ifshlp.sys


Apparnenlty I need to replace these files in doss and how I havent a clue. I can however boot with the ME Boot Floppy and as I understand choose the Start computer with CD Support then I am suppose to type Ext & press the Enter
Then I am stuck

Sorry to be a pain but confused which option I should take.

  Giggle n' Bits 20:57 17 Nov 2005

I went to follow your intruction, er is progman.exe suppose to read program.exe have you miss typed with the r ? missing ?

  Giggle n' Bits 21:56 17 Nov 2005

thanks to Fruit Bat /\0/\, VoG™ & Fruit Bat /\0/
I now have just the one problem to contend with as follows.

The following file is missing or Corrupted:
Type the name of the Windows Loader

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