Help with Wifi Speeds - new router

  utd4life 15:12 17 Dec 2014

Hello all,

My internet provided KC just installed a new Router for us, as we were experiencing very low speeds with the old one. The new one is dual band, and when using my phone I get the option to connect to KCLightstream and KCLightstream_5G.

KCLightstream gives me download speeds of around 30, whereas KCLightstream5G gives me speeds of around 100 mbps. The only problem I have is that only my phone seems to pick up the KCLightstream_5G, and it doesn't appear for any other devices in the house, even if my phone isn't connected to it.

I was wondering if I would be able to connect other devices to the 5G one so that the connection would be fast for them too.

Many thanks,


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:13 17 Dec 2014

It sounds as if its a dual band router working at bothe the 2.4Mhz a 5Mz frequencies

Your equipment may be old and only able to use the old 2.4Mhz frequency. where as you phone is newer and can access the 5Mhz frequency.

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