Help!! Where my "A" drive disappeared to???

  Sabi 15:44 02 Apr 2007

Hello everyone;

I don't know what happened but my "A" floppy drive is missing from "My computer" and words!!!
All I know is that I left the PC on for too long (10 hours) .
Could that have cause the problem??
I have also tried to open it from "words" but there are no options in "look in" for "A" drive!!!.

Although my PC is old, but it is up to date with software's etc.
I have never had a problem with the "A" drive until today!!
Last time I use the "A" floppy drive was too weeks ago...... I need to access many of my floppy discs :-(

Has this happened to anyone or do you know how I can get my "A" drive back?????

I use Windows XP, Windows Defender, ZAISS, Ad-Aware SE and """I AM NOT A COMPUTER EXPERT""", so please be gentle with me!

Many thanks

Sabi :-(

  Pamy 16:09 02 Apr 2007

cannot help with missing A drive, but just to say that 10hrs is not too long to leave a computer on

  Pamy 16:13 02 Apr 2007

On bootup, look to see if A drive light flickers on for a shot while

  woodchip 16:13 02 Apr 2007

Go into BIOS and see if it can see it. If not the ether the Drive or cable is faulty both are cheap items

  ianeon 16:41 02 Apr 2007

click here This may help

  Sabi 23:01 02 Apr 2007

Thanks for all your replies :-)


Thank you for the link which was quite useful

I am not sure if you experienced my problem before, but I need to explain more hoping you or someone can help :-(

In “Device Manager” under “Disk Drivers” I could only see one thing: “MXTOR 6L040J2”
The “Floppy disk driver" had a yellow symbol/icon with a black exclamation mark (in the middle)
There was no Red X next to "Standard Floppy Disk Controller" either!
When I checked in "SFDC properties" under "Device Usage" the <Use this device> was enabled!

Do the above make any sense??????
I still can’t see the “A” Floppy disk drive in “My computer”!!

Sabi :-<

  woodchip 23:05 02 Apr 2007

As I said the BIOS is the first place to check. tap Del as the computer boots. Floppy should be on the first page a 1.44mb

  rodriguez 23:08 02 Apr 2007

The yellow symbol with ! sign is the problem. Double click it and see if it gives an option to reinstall the driver. If it does, put your Windows disc in and press Re-install Driver and go through the wizard to see if it can detect and re-install the floppy's driver.

  woodchip 23:10 02 Apr 2007

floppy should not need drivers, it's another problem. drivers are the EIDE Controller that comes on Mobo CD

  Sabi 23:17 02 Apr 2007

Thanks Woodchip;

But my knowledge of computer is Zilch!!! I am worried to go to BIOS or how to come out of it!!!! Never done it before!

I guess I have to take it for repair as I haven't got a Windows disc!!!

Thanks anyway :-(


  skidzy 23:21 02 Apr 2007

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