Help! What should I do

  [DELETED] 21:27 19 Nov 2003

When searching on google for problems with internet explorer 6 SP1 i found a way to scan windows hidden files for errors or missing files. (sfc /scannow) When putting that in it asks for a windows XP home edition disk which I do not have. I have bought my PC from Dixons (Advent PC) but it only came with a recovery disk, microsoft works, powerDVD and Pinnacle. I cannot find windows XP home disk. It has it installed already and I am trying to fix the Link problem on my previous post on internet applications using the command above but am unable to. What should I do?

  [DELETED] 21:29 19 Nov 2003

click here for detailed instructions

  [DELETED] 00:22 22 Nov 2003

THanks for the link submitted by muppetmark. It really tells you how to use system file checker with the i386 folder but following the instructions i have found out that the registry has already been modified so I don't have to modify it again. There was also a i386 folder in my c:\windows folder already but it is about 5 times the size of the i386 folder on my recovery disk. I tried both ways overwriting each one but I think its because of my lack of computing terms which doesn't get me anywhere. If this isn't that much trouble for you or anyone out there, explore the link and please make it simpler to understand. If it is too much you can just forget about my previous topic 'internet applications' its not that urgent. Many thanks

  hugh-265156 00:38 22 Nov 2003

(i dont have a hidden partition anymore as i have master discs) and a reinstall from an image sorted it.

when i had windows xp pre installed with a hidden partition,using sfc never required me to insert a disc,it still dosent here

still dont know what caused it???

  [DELETED] 00:45 22 Nov 2003

I`m not too sure what your problem is but why don`t you download IE 6 again and install,it will more than likely say you have it installed do you want to overwrite

I`m sure someone else on this forum can confirm.

  hugh-265156 00:47 22 Nov 2003

further to my above,i was up to date with windows updates at this time and had xp sp1 and ie6 installed.

  [DELETED] 00:52 22 Nov 2003

Should be a copy of IE6 on one of the PCA cover disk, usually is. You can overwrite or repair IE from that. j.

  [DELETED] 01:08 22 Nov 2003

When I bought my PC it already has a CUSTOMIZED Version of internet explorer SP1 installed in. I do not know how to fully remove it or to fix the internet problem on my topic 'internet applications'. When I put the PCADVISOR CD into the disl drive it says that you have a newer internet explorer and does not need to install IE6.

  hugh-265156 01:18 22 Nov 2003

i dont think this was/is an internet explorer 6 problem.

when did you last run sfc?

if it is still in your system restore dates then,try going back to when you know it last worked.

failing that,a reinstall was the only solution for me.

  [DELETED] 01:23 22 Nov 2003

Try going to control panel and click on add/remove programs, it will then give you the option to remove or repair IE6 but before you do that, insert the PCA CD in your drive, open the IE6 program and minimise it to the taskbar.

When you then click on the repair option, it should with luck, pick up from the program on the taskbar. j.

  [DELETED] 01:25 22 Nov 2003

Sorry huggyg71, didn't see your post, forgot to refresh before posting. :o(

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