help! what has the telewest engineer done to me ?

  Super Frankie Lamps 11:05 10 Jun 2005

Right, please bear with me, cos this could be a long one.

My father in law has had Blue Yonder Broadband connected and the connection comes in through the television cable to a three way splitter. One cable to the TV, one to the Video and one to the Telewest Broadband modem. All clear ?

However, my father in law had already gone out and bought a Belkin Wireless g ADSL Router with modem, complete with wireless USB adapter. The engineer has run a cable from the telewest modem to the belkin router. Surely this will cause a conflict as the belkin kit also has a modem in it. I plan to go round today to try and sort this out, and if it is a case of just removing the telewest modem, then all well and good. But, not having seen it myself yet, my father in law tells me the connection between the splitter and the modem is an ethernet cable. If i connect this directly to the belkin modem, will it act in the same way as a normal telephone jack connection, or are the ethernet connections on the back for connection to other pc's on the network only ?

i hope someone out there understands this andcan help. Many thanks

  TomJerry 12:40 10 Jun 2005

Telewest BB is cable BB

"Belkin Wireless g ADSL Router" is used for ADSL BB come from phone line

your in-law bought wrong stuff, I cannot beleieve that the telewest engineer did not spot this.

Your in-law needs to get a wireless router without modem.

  Super Frankie Lamps 12:42 10 Jun 2005

ok mate cheers, pc world sold him that after he told them what he was getting. i think we might have to have a word with them !!!

  Strawballs 01:14 11 Jun 2005

I think you need to get hold of sicknote on the helproom forum who bought a WRT54g (Linksys) which is the sort of roughter that you need and he needs what your inlaw has bought.

  bremner 14:58 11 Jun 2005

This is the router you need click here

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