Help a Web Design Newbie

  JayDay 13:55 01 Apr 2004

I am new to web design and currently building a little site using MS Frontpage.

1. How do I password protect one of the pages. I want to publish family pics on one of the pages but don't want every tom dick or harry to look at them.

2. Any good sites for free web buttons, backgrounds etc.

3. If you are going to tell Frontpage is crap then give me an alternative, but bear in mind I'm a novice.

  Forum Editor 18:58 01 Apr 2004

FrontPage isn't that word you used, it's an excellent design application, although it acquired a less than perfect reputation when in its earlier versions. A bad reputation is easily gained and difficult to lose but FP 2003 is far and away the best version yet - it can certainly give Dreamweaver a run for its money in many situations. If you really want to try another program take a look at NetObjects Fusion - in my opinion one of the best for newcomers to web design.

There are hundreds of free password applets available - just run a search in Google - but my absolute favourite (cleverly called 'Web Password') costs around $45. It's the only one that I know of with 128-bit encryption which makes it virtually bomb-proof. You can find out more if you
click here

As far as buttins etc are concerned there are thousands of sites out there - Google will give you a hundred or so to start you off.

  Forum Editor 18:59 01 Apr 2004

buttons - sorry.

  woodbexhill 19:55 01 Apr 2004

Yes I agree that Frontpage or NetObjects Fusion are more suited for 'newbies' in comparison to the more complex and possibly harder-to-use features of Dreamweaver.

There are plenty of buttons, and backgrounds etc. available across the net, just the same with Web Design tutorials if you need a hand.

You can try: click here

  PurplePenny 20:34 01 Apr 2004

.... FE to mention it ....

but you should go out and buy yourself a copy of this month's PC Advisor (May 2004 Issue 106)
- the cover CD has both NetObjects Fusion MX and Button Farm Lite plus some other web tools.


  desbest 21:39 01 Apr 2004

click here Then click on whatever you're looking for on the side. photos (Use Print Screen to copy the pictures as you have to pay for them) clipart gettyimages

click here instant coffee

Try the Coffeecup VisualSite designer to create websites on click here

  User-312386 21:44 01 Apr 2004

use fronpage

I love it although i do have a FP2003 and its alot better than 2000

as FE says it gives dreamweaver a run for its money without the fiddly bits as well

  Forum Editor 23:26 01 Apr 2004

for that diplomatic reminder.

You would think that, sitting here surrounded by things PCA, I would have remembered that wouldn't you?

  JayDay 08:24 02 Apr 2004

Thanks to all of you. Your help is much appreciated.It makes a change for a Microsoft application not be be slated.

  PurplePenny 10:30 02 Apr 2004

"Use Print Screen to copy the pictures as you have to pay for them"

Are you suggesting that people should copy the photos without paying for them?


  desbest 11:07 03 Apr 2004

Also, has a kids section that lets you learn how to use HTML.

A web designer lets you edit webpages graphically like on FrontPage and CoffeeCup VisualSite Designer on click here.

A web editor you insert things trough code and you are given dosens of HTML tags you can add to your documents.

When you learn how to use HTML Code and Absolute and Relative URL's you can then use a web editor.
There is a forum close to this one called free web editors.

You can get free graphics for your website on

Try getting these free web designers.

Selida HTML Deginer by Amaryllis Software
click here

click here

click here

These all are free and have graphical webpage designing. Itis WYSIWYG.

However, CoffeeCup VisualSite designer is a trial edition. You'll have to pay for the full version

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