Help wanted re copying from Sky+ box

  Nosmas 14:15 21 Dec 2011

Hope this is the correct forum to post this problem and hope someone can help!

My Sky+ box has suddenly started to mis-behave and will not allow access to the hard drive either to play recordings already made or to make a new recording. The box went into standby and I was unable to switch on by pressing the Sky button on the remote. When I phoned Sky they talked me through an update of the software but when that was finished I still couldn’t get out of standby. In a further call to Sky they offered me a new Sky+ HD box for free but with self set-up, which I have accepted. Next morning I was able to switch on the box but still no access to the hard drive.

As the existing box contains a number of recorded programs that I do not wish to lose, I am considering downloading free software called Copy+ in order to copy those recordings to my PC and then to copy them to the new Sky+ HD box. Could someone please answer the following queries: -

  1. The existing box is about 80% full so how much space would I need on my PC’s HDD to accept the copied recordings?
  2. I have an external caddy into which I can put the hard drives from the Sky boxes for copying the recordings.
  3. Is there anything I need to do with the new Sky+ HD box BEFORE copying the recordings from my PC to the new box hard drive – e.g. do I need to perform part or all of the ‘set-up’ procedure?
  4. I have read that once the card is inserted into the new box it will not be possible to replay recordings on the old box. This does not appear to be a problem as I am unable to do this at present anyway.
  5. I realise that opening the new box to remove the hard drive will invalidate the guarantee, but have read that if a problem occurs, the Sky engineer will not check if the box has been opened. Are there \any visible signs that the box has been opened?

All suggestions will be gratefully received.

  Terry Brown 16:01 21 Dec 2011

As the box is owned by Sky, I would be very wary of opening it, instead I would ask the sky engineer to come down and perform an on-site repair.

I would think that the recordings on the Sky hard disk would not be readable by your windows software(Different format) , so you may not gain anything.

You could try removing the power source (uplug) the box, leave for an hour or so and re-plug in again, forcing a reset (like when your computer has a fault)


  Nosmas 16:33 21 Dec 2011

Hi Terry - Thanks for your reply. Not sure if the box is owned by Sky - can't remember if I paid for it or whether it was 'free' under one of Sky's 'Special Offers'. However the Sky person I spoke to said I could do whatever I liked with the old box when the new one is installed. There will be no engineer attending as the offer was for the Sky+ HD box to be supplied free and for me to do my own 'setup'.

The Copy+ software ( and is specifically written to enable copying between a Sky box and PC or laptop and is completely independent of Windows software. You certainly would not be able to watch the recordings on the PC, they must always be played by the Sky software.

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